5 Quick Tips To Help You Choose Your Next Corporate Gift

Corporate gifting is a relationship marketing instrument to cultivate a strong foundation of reciprocity with the potential customers and clients. It is a form of engagement that breaks through the digital noise and instills a sense of reward and simultaneously, a sense of obligation for long term benefits and positive outcomes. It is established that the prospect is 30 times more likely to respond to your gesture than to an email. 

The corporate gift industry found its roots in the United States, later coming to the UK in the 1960s. Gradually, it got established in Britain by the 1980s. The ethics of corporate gifting is based on a lot of fundamentals depending on the relationship with the potential party and diversity of the business. It is important to know that there is a fine line between a gesture of hospitality and a gesture of bribe. In order to build that personal relationship, one should know 5 essential tips that constitute the basics of corporate gift giving.

Take Note Of Receiver’s Perspective

Put yourself in the receiver’s shoes and question yourself if you would have liked the gift presented to you. If your gift seems futile and does not seem to incur any results, look for another option. Drive your efforts to find a gift for your client, business partner or employee that doesn’t create any negative opinions about you.

Year-Round Gesture

It is a wrong notion that corporate gifts are only limited to festivities. Build relationships and strengthen bonds by giving often. This creates an idea that the client is put at a pedestal and the more you give, the more responses and communications will ensue, leading to ultimate desired results and goodwill. Use gifts and incentives at various occasions like trade fairs, company visits, press events, sales presentation and so forth.

Don’t Forget Your Brand Name

Corporate gifting is an important promotional tool for brand awareness. It helps enhance the company image or any new product or service introduced that needs a promotion. For that matter, the kinds of gifts you choose play a great role and you must settle for an option that tactfully induces your business goals of maintaining a social contract. So, make sure you choose promotional corporate gifts that subtly do your work without being too much on the face. 

Keep Cultural Differences In Mind

One of the basic lessons of corporate gifting is to understand the ethical sensitivities. With diverse businesses into play, it is important to note the geographical and religious divisions in order to not hurt the sentiments. In such a case, go for classic corporate gifts online that always work and would cause no offence. Chocolates, cakes, keychains, desk items, vouchers are some classic best gift types that need no second thought.

Go For Quality

Avoid low budget gifts. Corporate gifts are an important tool of marketing communication mix and showcase the image of the company. So communicate your thoughts without compromising on quality. Use handwritten cards, whenever possible to give a personalized touch. A nice packaging also plays a great role in conveying your efforts for the prospect.

The main purpose of corporate gifts is to generate goodwill and promote a positive brand image. So, make sure you reap long term benefits with thoughtful gifting ideas

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