Concept Creation Of An Online Business

Concept Creation Of An Online Business

What is a concept creation?

Concept development? What do you mean with that? What do I need something for? Is it an advantage if I come up with a concept? And can it increase my sales? Yes, of course. Do you know a company in the world that has no concept? For many, the concept is even a unique feature that has made it so successful. But how do you create a concept? What must be included in order to lay the foundation for your future independence? A concept can help you a lot by setting up measures for upcoming problems. However, creating a concept is not always easy. In most cases, it is even worthwhile to get external help. But you can also do the work alone, the question is whether you want to spend the time or money.

What is a concept anyway?

That’s a good question. You can imagine a concept as a guide. To make it clearer, imagine you want to go hiking. You choose a mountain, but it has many difficulties to hike it. Before you go, get a map and see which paths you can take and which are too dangerous for you. As soon as you have determined your routes, you calculate the time, how long you need approximately and how much provisions you need for this trip. All of this is concept creation.

Quote: “A concept is a model for achieving your goals.”, Source: Internet, Unknown

With this model, you can see what you can expect. How much money you need and which steps make sense for you. So you are well armed to prevent problems and to be washed with all water, so to speak. Sure, you can never predict all of the problems. However, many problems can be narrowed down and even greater damage can be prevented.

What are the advantages of creating a concept?

Some have already been mentioned to you. You should understand that it is very important to have a concept before you start your business. You can’t start a fight without a strategy. The advantage is not only the guide you put yourself with it but also your other marketing strategies. This has the advantage for your target group, further projects, expansion or mergers. It’s a bit of a stretch now, but today’s big players on the market also started small. As you can see, thanks to their concept strategy, they have also blossomed. You should take advantage of exactly the same thing and expand your strategy. How can you do that? We’ll get to that now.

How do I create a concept?

Well, the amount of time is no short. You should know that in advance. However, it is not impossible. You understood what a concept is. How do you best start? With a briefing. A briefing is a short meeting to record points that you put together with your team or partner or even alone. On these points, you should keep the following in mind so that you can reach your goal faster.


  • What is the starting point? Why should people buy or order from you?
  • What are the tasks like? The expectations and goals of the company.
  • What materials or documents are required? Summary of all documents and information.
  • More information that may arise in the course. Conflicts and grievances, new partners and contacts.
  • Completion date. Until when should something be?


  1. A detailed summary of all important factors and information
  2. Precise planning and total illustration of different perspectives
  3. Keeping the planned goals
  4. Focused on the essentials
  5. Framework for an orientation
  6. Control of all important success indicators
  7. Mediation and consultation with third parties
  8. The initial situation and the current state


  • Analyze your starting point and situation
  • Formulate your goals, which target group you have, who your dialogue group is, strategy and communication content
  • Set the necessary measures, such as budget or performance monitoring

These are points you should work out before you start your business. Many problems only arise during the process, so you should at least be a little more prepared. Another point is the key message. You should formulate this so clearly and specifically for your dialogue group. This area contains certain content that is relevant for your dialogue and target group. Therefore, think about your core message in advance. It should also reflect the company’s philosophy.

What is the current and target state?

As the name suggests, the current state describes the current state of your company. This is particularly important when you work with external employees because you give them a description of your current job. Where you are right now. The target state, in turn, describes how your company should look in the future or in which direction it should develop. Concept development includes exactly these topics and a strategy describes the way there. For this reason, it is particularly important to write down your goals and take a full look at them. You should never be biased towards new measures.

Dialogue groups

What is a dialogue group? Does this also belong to my concept? If so, how do I recognize them? To find your dialogue group, it is important that you examine whether they are in your network. Not every dialogue group fits your concept and can even harm you. Why? Well, if you want to open a butcher shop, you shouldn’t be looking for a dialogue with vegetarians. It goes without saying that these do not support your business. You may be able to talk to influencers who are promoting your brand or product. Of course, these must also match your topic. Do forums exist with your topic? This is also a great way to find your dialogue group and promote your activity.

Is a concept creation like a business plan?

Basically, yes and no. A concept is part of a business plan. The two factors depend on each other Of course, you can create a concept without working out an entire business plan. However, this would not be a bad approach, as a business plan will help you structure your whole company and give it a framework. Furthermore, all costs are created in a business plan. So you are well prepared for your future projects. If you are considering taking out a loan from the bank, the break-even must also occur in your strategy. This describes the point at which you start making a profit. Of course, creating a business plan is even more time-consuming than a conventional concept plan. So it makes sense to create a business plan right away,


This area is considered particularly dangerous. Dangerous? Huh? Why that? Well, you can get lost very quickly. What do I mean? During the seeding process, i.e. your start-up phase, it is important that you write down all measures. Just then ideas are gushing out. Metaphorically speaking, many sole proprietorship have hung on to the measures and have made no progress. Think about your approach, how you want to implement them and whether they are necessary at all. But remember one very important thing: NEVER TRY TO ADAPT YOUR CONCEPT TO PRE-DEFINED MEASURES. You don’t need to be surprised if everything is doomed to fail. Another tip that I can recommend to you is to create packages of measures at different cost levels.

Control of your success

Ask yourself the questions:

  • What does success mean for me and my goals? How do I personally define success?
  • What measuring devices are available to me?
  • Quality or quantity, which evaluations are better
  • What weightings do the values ​​have?

The key question is, was I able to achieve the goal with the means made available to me? In order to be able to control your success, it makes sense to carry out an as-is analysis, as already described. So that you can measure your success at all, you have to compare your target state with the current state. The difference between the two shows you how far you are from your goal. Therefore, it makes sense to monitor your success more often. This enables you to recognize early:

  1. When a project goes off course.
  2. When the budget ends early
  3. If the schedule cannot be kept
  4. Should the project stray from its original goal

Editorial Calendar

An editorial plan is part of your concept creation. You could write an entire blog post about this alone, but it can also be created in combination with your concept. Of course, this should include your deadlines for your projects, delivery dates, channels, and seeding. An editorial plan deals with your social media strategy. Of course, this makes sense if you are represented on social media. However, you should definitely include this in your concept if you want to build a business for yourself online. Either way, you can’t avoid the networks if you want to promote your product, your image or your company. The topic of the editorial plan can be revisited in a separate blog post.


In order to start up an online business, some components are required to really bring it up to scratch. The concept creation can help you a lot and relieve you of unnecessary burdens. But how can you get the greatest added value from it? By saving a lot of time. In my opinion, it is even better if you get help externally. So you can check your concept again and someone looks over your shoulder. As already mentioned, you have to know what you want to save on. Time or money. Nevertheless, you are welcome to contact us if something is unclear or you just want to get advice.

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