How to get started as a digital nomad

How to get started as a digital nomad

How to get started as a nomad has been a common question in the community nowadays. Remember those pictures which you often come across where a guy with his laptop was sitting and working on the beach. It makes you wonder how he makes income. Don’t think that it is going to easy enough to sit with a laptop along the poolside and working while others may be enjoying their pool parties. It takes lots of effort, dedication and hard work to earn. One can easily skip it and explore but here you need to be focused on hitting your deadlines while being on track. Working in remote areas can be less glamorous in reality but the lifestyle it offers is enriching.

Though there are no same rules to be followed here, you need to be creative and show your skills with a degree of professionalism. Some may need extra efforts in the beginning, while others may be doing it like a pro. 

What Exactly Is A Digital Nomad?

Let’s first understand what digital nomad means. These are used to indicate people working in different remote locations independently. They spend there most of the time abroad and keep moving while working online. They live a luxurious life while working in cities like Thailand or Bali in South East Asia and earning approx. $12,000 per year. They get full freedom to choose their locations and run the business from any corner of the world. You can even want to work from the most expensive cities and travel simultaneously while working. This article will guide you about finding ways of being a digital nomad.

1. Start to Reduce Location Ties and Expenses

Analyze the things in your life, which need a consistent presence. It may be a vehicle’s apartment or memberships of the gym, and you need to get rid of these because it will no longer serve your importance. The next step would be to settle all your debts including credit card or student loans if any. This will eliminate the stress of having adequate savings while traveling. Sell the things you won’t be used in the long term to reduce the cost of insurance and Maintainance.

2. Join a Digital Nomad Community

At Location Indie, our digital nomad community is an excellent resource for getting started as a digital nomad or taking your online business to new heights. 

Social media can be used as a great platform here. You may easily connect to groups and forums on these websites to seek advice and make contact with other nomads. It may also help you get an opportunity you have been searching for. You can learn new skills and tips from the existing members.

3. Identify Your Skills

The next step is to analyze your personal skills which can help you monetizing online. Make sure you are perfect with the basics i.e. being well aware of computers and the internet. Although today these things have been so every day that everyone knows to operate it but getting more into these might help you getting higher-payed remote works. The other items include writing, marketing, engineering etc.

For being a digital nomad, start finding the right remote work jobs for you. It may be teaching online or being a freelancer. The starting income could below but once you get secured, you can plan to turn into a more significant business. You can also tie-up with similar jobs to make up more money. You can find both technology-focused and the ones who require no technical skills.

4. Build Your Business

Once you have set up your business from a small scale, it’s time to expand it. If you are doing good in it and getting an overwhelming response, you will be quickly getting new clients. To take it on a larger scale, create your website and business cards. It will help you reach out to a more targeted audience. Remember to set up your time zone according to your remote locations. You can also write content or blogs to promote your business online.  Later on, you may develop it into a big company. For more business ideas, it would be suitable to get coaching for entrepreneurs. It will help you giving ideas for running a successful business.

5. Decide On Your First Destination

If you are done with previous things, it’s time to set up your perfect destination. You can choose any from America and Europe to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The opportunities are endless just adjust wherever it makes you feel happy. You can keep exploring new places wherever you find it great to live. Make sure to do little research before moving out like the cost of living, rent, local laws, food according to your affordability.

For settling down, you can easily find hostels everywhere or can take an entire apartment in rent for a month. The hotels and homestays would, however, be more comfortable in terms of providing more services. You can choose the places depending on the best climate or food; you have the freedom to do it all.

These are the steps needed to be followed for getting started a digital nomad. Even if you face failure during the first attempt, you can come up with better ideas next time. All you need to keep in mind is to work hard towards your goal and make it into full-fledged business within a year or two for building an online expert empire. So set your goals and chase your dreams.

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