Garage Door Installation: Why Roller Garage Doors Are a Good Option

Are you looking to install a new garage door on your premises? Do you know the type you want? Don’t leave everything to the contractor. Do some research of your own and get the garage door that suits your taste.

When it comes to garage doors Melbourne service providers offer different styles and designs. But aesthetics aside, you want to pick a door that’s practical. Ideally the type you select must combine quality, performance and durability. If you’re not sure which type to pick, then we advise that you go with the roller garage door.

By installing roller doors Melbourne residents are guaranteed superior products that perform optimally, thanks to their impressive operating mechanisms. We discuss some of the reasons that make roller doors popular among many Australian homeowners.

Extremely Durable

Durability is probably one of the product’s most invaluable features. Made up of corrugated sheets, you can expect a long lasting garage door if you pick this type. If you know anything about corrugation, you’re aware how it adds extra strength to the material in question.

As a result, roller garage doors have high impact resistance and are less likely to suffer premature damage.

Increased Home Security

The strength of roller garage door is another reason why they are the go to for homeowners who want to beef up their security.

As you’re probably aware, many burglars gain access into homes via garages. By installing roller garage doors, you significantly deter such unwanted guests. This is because they contain battery powered door sensors to keep your garage door secure.

For this reason, roller doors are also used by many businesses as a way of improving security on their premises.

Smooth Opening

Over time, certain garage doors become difficult to open, resulting in costly repairs. That’s something you don’t have to worry about with roller doors because of their smooth operating mechanisms. They contain high quality hinges that allow the door to move on its tracks with ease.

Installing roller doors is a worthwhile investment that’ll save you money in the long run, thanks to low maintenance.

Easily Customisable

One thing you’ll like about roller garage doors is that they are easy to customise. Granted, you have to prioritise practicality, but you can’t totally disregard how the doors look. After all, ask any realtor and they’ll tell you that the garage door determines to your home’s overall value. You want to pick a garage door that complements your home.

Roller garage doors are available in different styles, colours and finishes. You can opt for one with wood, fibreglass or metallic finish. Simply pick a style that matches your taste and your home exterior.

Space Saving

Because they open vertically, roller doors are the ideal pick if you have limited garage space.

Homeowners with short driveways will appreciate how these doors don’t rob them of usable floor space. A person with a small garage can even place his or her vehicle right up to the door and it’ll still open easily.

Integrated Safety Features

It’s not uncommon for garage door malfunctions to happen due to mechanism failure. Depending on the manufacturer, some roller doors come with built in security features to protect it against component failure.

Alternatively, you can fit the doors with automatic cut out options. This way they can detect foreign objects that may be present in their path of descent.


Automated Option

You have the option to automate your roller garage doors. Automation can either be done at the time of installation or at a later date when you have some extra money to fund an upgrade.

An automated garage door is highly convenient especially if you get home at night or if it’s raining. You can easily open the garage door without exiting your vehicle.

Weather Proof

Because of the nature of their design, roller doors are more weather proof compared to other types. Unlike tilt up doors, roller doors are designed to prevent both rain and snow from entering your garage. This is because the perimeters and bottom of the doors are completely sealed with a high-quality rubber seal.

Not only is moisture kept out of your garage, but dust and pests too.

Roller garage doors are also insulated. If you get an experienced contractor to fit the doors accurately your garage space will be kept warm. This is something you’ll appreciate if you’re considering using your garage as a temporary bedroom, game room or workshop space. With other garage doors you’ll end up feeling chilly if you stay in the garage for a long time. That’s something you don’t have to worry about with roller doors because the insulation will keep drafts out.

Thanks to the same insulated design, these doors will also keep noise out of your garage.


Picking the right garage door is a very important exercise that should be taken seriously. You want a door that’s aesthetically pleasing but also one that serves its purpose. Makes sure your garage doors are designed to last long, considering that it’s a sizeable investment.

From the above it’s clear how roller garage doors tick all the right boxes where durability and performance are concerned. But whatever you do, make sure that you hire a reputable garage door installation company to handle the task. This way you’re guaranteed a job well done.

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