5 Places You Must Visit during Abu Dhabi City Tour!


Abu Dhabi is a city filled with serene beauty. Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai is an easy-breezy 2-hour ride that leads you to connect with the real roots of the Middle East. After seeing Dubai, Abu Dhabi might seem dull to you if you see it on a superficial level. But, when you visit the monuments and see the architect it blesses your eyes with, Abu Dhabi becomes worth it. Abu Dhabi not only entertains your eyes but it also heals your soul. That is why visiting this city is mandatory when you visit Dubai.

Why Should You Choose a City Tour?

While you are on a short trip or a vacation, it is difficult to get acquainted with the places the city offers. Searching the places out, booking yourself in there and managing time is haste some process. In all this process, you also have to keep your budget in mind which is so difficult.

This city has so much to offer when it comes to its rich architecture and beautiful sights. From shopping malls to the most beautiful mosque, Abu Dhabi offers its tourists a lot. The specialty of this city is that every place is unique from the other one. So, there is so much variety that awaits you in this city Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai lets you enjoy every bit of this city in merely one day.

By choosing a City Tour, all these issues get resolved with just one booking. You can enjoy your stay relentlessly while the tour guides take care of all these issues. Several sites are pre-planned so that you can know where you are going. In this way, you can cover maximum places in minimum time.

Abu Dhabi’s Best 5 Places to Visit:

Abu Dhabi’s Heritage Village:

For recognizing every city in a better way, knowing about its roots is important. The heritage village gives you the real essence of living a Gulf life. This well-constructed place might look old to you but it has been given the crude look for a purpose. This heritage village reflects the actual life that people spend and used to spend there, traditionally. Here you can also take a closer look at their culture since a whole souk is present in this place that sells all the things related closely to their culture.

Yas Island:

This artificial island has so many tourist attractions sights. Firstly, the beach view it gives is picture perfect. You can take as many aesthetic pictures as you want. Secondly, there are so many other places to visit in this one location. Yas Island also has shopping malls where you can buy the best quality stuff. UAE is the land of shopping. Everything at the best quality and prices is available. Along with that, it also has a water park. Hence, this place is undoubtedly one of the best sites to visit in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Palace Hotel:

The architect of Abu Dhabi is speechlessly amazing. The buildings are made on the foundations of Islamic designs and architects. The Emirate Palace Hotel is one of the best examples of Abu Dhabi’s extravagant architecture.

This place will make you fall in love with it in just first sight. Every wall and every roof of this hotel is embellished with intricate designs. Heavy chandeliers add more beauty to its Palace-like structure. This place will give you a glimpse of a lavish royal life in the Gulf.

No matter how much time you spend at this place, your heart will never get enough of its beauty. The white and gold colors used in its building make it a whole splendid piece of architecture. Take as many pictures as you want here since the management here is very hospitable and humble.

Ferrari World:

This is a place that everyone from adults to kids loves. Ferrari world will give you the best of adrenaline rush. For the ones who love adventure, an adventurous roller coaster ride awaits you. While the ones who love seeing the collection of Ferrari cars, this place has it all. A wide range of Ferrari models is available for display at this place. For kids, there is a junior GT track present where they can learn driving and enjoy the Ferrari World.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:

This place is undoubtedly Abu Dhabi’s finest. When it is said to be the Grand Mosque, trust us it is not exaggerated. The architect of this mosque is drooling worthy beautiful. The pearl white color of this whole building makes it one of its kinds.

Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi gives you the most peaceful environment. Anyone can go and visit this place. The place is largely used by Muslims for their prayer offerings. Due to its grand structure, it is said to accommodate more than 41,000 people during prayer offerings.

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