EPABX is important in communicating with inter-organizational departments and its features and versions are suitable for small and big business organizations to function and connect properly. There are several fringe benefits of utilizing an EPABX system in your office which cannot be unseen.

Internal communication

EPABX allows all telephones in a company to be linked through a central network. Any call that you make to another employee or a client outside the organization, it is recorded in the office main exchange and then is directed to the person’s telephone. The number remains the same for all calls made from a telephone that is connected to the EPABX KSU.

Centralized control

All the calls are controlled and accessed automatically or manually on one key telephone unit, the line on which all other phones are connected. It works like a receptionist and directs the calls to their desired extensions.


The automation of the EPABX system has saved both time and money of organizations. It is more like a person receiving calls and redirecting them. These allow the caller to enter an extension number to get rid of waiting for redirection.


EPABX offers flexibility. You can expand your network whenever it is needed. Systems are shifted to different premises without undergoing any change in number or setup. You can also connect your mobile phones to the system so if you are away from the organization there is no chance of missing an important phone call.

EPABX system also has the features of conference calls which can link multiple people simultaneously. Call centers also benefit from the call queue features where the clients’ calls are managed by queuing them according to the target number of the day. Also, the employees working from home are facilitated by connecting to the same network.

Variable access

Even though all phones in this system are connected to a single central unit, they can be controlled individually. For example, every phone can be allowed access to internal and external phone calls within certain limits. Some phones can only receive calls, while some are only allowed to make calls internally.


Adding a phone or expanding the system is not expensive at all. It has a high server capacity and can add up to 10,000 lines. The bills can be monitored by automatically turning off the lines which are not functional, and by equally distributing the load.

This service does not require maintenance

Digital and cloud EPABX systems are easily maintained because there is no complicated installation setup process. As these are cloud services, you don’t need additional equipment. This also means that companies using these systems do not have to worry about sudden failures and maintenance contracts.


These systems work on the sharing of resources. They have many advantages including easy programming, no issues of space constraints, essential features like call transfer for smooth operations, etc.

EPABX systemalso has supporting features that add to its proficiency and productivity. These features are interactive voice response, voice-mail services, and least cost routing.

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