Why Should People Not Hesitate While Going for a Hair Transplant?

Most of us take our looks for granted like health and youth. A hair transplant is that way that helps people to feel confident. It’s a very common problem in today’s life to having less hair. One of the common cause of hair loss is receding hairline men and woman but mainly it happens to men. It is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from a part of the body. Today our medical department has many techniques for this problem. If you are thinking about transplant then study about these two methods, it will help you to make the right decision.

Follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is also known by the name of Follicular Transfer (FT). These are two primary methods of obtaining hair follicles, naturally occurring groups of one to four hair for hair transplant. The other method called strip harvesting. It is becoming more popular and hair transplant surgery has never been the same. FUE hair transplant requires the highly skilled surgeon to perform the process successfully. Many patient’s concerns are that it is not an easy procedure to perform by the surgeon

Because of prolonged harvesting time, it requires the patient to ethically consider the alternative single strip excision method and a very short hair cut required by the patient when harvesting grafts. Follicular unit extraction results in a natural hairline and permanent, medical solution to hair loss or hair fall problems. It is more popular than of results. This technique has a lower chance of complications during the process. FUE patient feels lesser post-operative pain and no linear scarring.

ARTAS hair transplant

ARTAS hair transplant is advanced significant technology of the follicular unit extraction. This system was developed with leading to transplant researchers and physicians. The system is used to extract healthy follicular units from the donor area and transplanting it back into the recipient site. It is a permanent solution that provides natural results, without linear scarring, scaling, stitches, and damage to existing hair. It is a robotic transplantation. People suffering from alopecia and interested in hair transplants then find information about ARTAS robotic hair transplant procedure. The robots can only assist hair transplant. It is a good technique with more results. 

Mostly people going with it because of the results. It is a safe procedure that gives good results. Hair loss or hair fall is a common issue between people so we need to decrease this issue. It has the disadvantage that men with red, fair or grey should dye their hair. A transplant needs a happy patient, medical ability and understanding of hair and the diseases of the hair. Robot hair transplant provides the patient with my limitations. ARTAS technology is for only dark and straight hair patients. A skilled and experienced surgeon can’t compare to ARTAS robots with quickly extracts grafs.

Therefore robotic transplant procedures can be compared to specialized surgeons. If you are thinking to have a hair transplant then go without hesitation. Hope it will be helpful for you in taking the decision. Now the choice is yours.

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