How to Choose the Best Body Shaper For Your Needs

Body Shaper

HBody shapers have long been a trend. Based on the cut and the elasticity of fabric that composes it, a body shaper encloses the body by exerting pressure on the tissues. There are several types of compression: low compression (force 1 to 2), medium compression (force 3 to 4) and high compression (force 5 to 6). In this article, you will learn more about body shapers and what makes them so useful.

When to wear a body shaper?

  • Every day: are you looking for an instant solution that is both comfortable and invisible under your clothes to make you feel more beautiful? A high compression female body shape allows you to correct your posture. It also helps to boost your figure through a redistribution of measurements and gains of clothing sizes.
  • After a surgery operation: for all those who wish to optimize their recovery period.
  • During pregnancy: you can use a specially adapted body shaper, which will bring a lot of comfort to you. It will also limit the impact of pregnancy on the muscles and tissues of your abdomen.
  • In the postpartum period: you can wear it to regain your initial posture and silhouette.

Now we will dig into each type of body shaper and which one to choose for all women body shapes.

The advantages of wearing a body shaper

Each body shaper has an extreme cladding force (force 6) that make it wearing it more comfortable. Its effectiveness is spectacularly immediate, no matter whether you buy a small or a large size one. It’s discreet when covering your abdomen under your clothes. You will even forget you have been wearing it for the whole day. The body shaper for women is an ideal slimming asset to free you from movements, even during the most intense activities. It gives you an extremely flat belly and a slim body.

We recommend these two types of body shapers that might suit your needs:

  • A body shaper with zipper: the most discreet, which is zipped to remain totally imperceptible under your clothes.
  • A body shaper with hooks: the most scalable with a triple stapling. It fits perfectly your body as it changes.

The advantages of wearing a slimming bodysuit

The slimming bodysuit can be used after an operation or for daily use. It provides great comfort and you can wear it every day, without time restrictions.

It covers your body like a second skin for an optimized silhouette, providing a push-up effect in the most strategic places. It will be of valuable help in your plan to lose weight.

The advantages of wearing a postoperative body shaper

  • It helps drain and eliminate excess body fluids related to surgical inflammations or edemas.
  • It contributes to the lymphatic drainage of irritated tissues. It prevents the accumulation of fat, serum, and fluids in a specific part of the body.
  • It improves the adhesion of skin and muscles.
  • It reduces the pain and facilitates the healing of your skin
Body Shaper

Define the body shaper and the coverage area you need

To help you choose the most suitable model, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you had surgery? If so, to which part of the body? The body shaper must cover this part.
  • Consider the area of coverage of the outfit you usually wear. If you often wear skirts, pick a body shaper that covers the area under the buttocks. If you frequently dress in pants, then your choice should focus more on the knee suit.
  • Think about the colors you usually wear. If the dominant colors of your clothes are dark, a black body shaper will be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you usually dress in light colors, a body shaper with a cocoa shade will be able to help you discretively.

A body shape brand that we can highly recommend to you is called Sayfutclothing. Their mission is to empower every woman to be confident and feel sexy. They achieve it with high-quality shapewear that can truly enhance your natural beauty. The body shapers from this brand come in various types to suit each of your needs, covering different areas, and in different colors. They are perfect for slimming your body under any clothes from casual outfits to party/prom/cocktail/wedding dresses or gowns. To give you an idea, the Sayfut Postpartum Recovery Belt Belly Girdle contains 100% Cotton and 100% Polyester with 4 Spiral Steel Bones. It will certainly sublimate your curves and create a sexier silhouette.

Don’t hesitate to enhance your beauty. Now it’s the right time for you to pick your next Sayfut Clothing body shaper.

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