Paint with an electric paint sprayer gun: mistakes to avoid

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Do you want to paint a relatively large area quickly and efficiently? The paint sprayer gun can be an ideal ally in your work provided you know how to use it.

Do not be fooled by the paint sprayer! It is quite possible to learn to handle it with ease, following our advice and giving yourself some time to master the technique.

What kind of paint gun?

For amateur do-it-yourselfers and small jobs, it will be recommended to use a low-pressure paint sprayer gun, also known as a “low pressure paint station”, which can be more easily handled than a high-pressure spray gun and will not require the rental or purchase of a compressor.

As its name suggests, it is under the effect of pressure that the gun will spray the paint through a nozzle, to deposit a thin layer on the support. If you want to learn more about paint sprayer guns and read some reviews, you can click on Top10Goods.

The preparation

As the spray paint can quickly cover a surface, it is advisable to protect with plastic sheeting all the spaces you do not want to paint, such as furniture, windows, floor, doors but also plugs and switches.

You will also need to wear a mask and goggles, as well as gloves to work safely. Since the paint used must be particularly liquid, it will be necessary to dilute it with water for acrylic paints and with white spirit for glycerol paints, following the indications of the instructions.

The technique

If a single layer can be enough thanks to the high power of your spray gun, you must put all the chances on your side to succeed at the first blow! Be aware that you can alter the shape of the jet by rotating the crown and adjust the flow with the knob.

To paint with a paint sprayer, follow a constant lateral movement to the right then to the left, about twenty centimeters from the surface, tilting the wrist so that the nozzle is always perpendicular to the wall.

Start arm movement even before spraying and continue after stopping the gun to avoid paint overload.

Iron a possible second layer by moving the gun this time from top to bottom.

Do not hesitate to train on a big box for example to take a maximum of insurance before starting.

Paint a wall with paint sprayer

Start at the top of the wall, and always with a lateral movement, in crossed passes, paint little by little down the wall. To paint an angle between two walls, you will move the gun vertically from top to bottom.

Paint a ceiling with a spray gun

To paint your ceiling with the paint gun, you will need to use a stable step ladder to get closer to the surface.

It will certainly be a little more sporty but you will keep the same lateral movement, this time placing the nozzle at 45 ° to the ceiling. Paint section by section before moving the step ladder to always be well positioned.


Remember to immediately clean your spray gun after use by disassembling and rinsing it with clean water. Then fill it with water and spray until the water becomes clear, before emptying and letting it dry.

How to choose your paint color?

If you want to redecorate your interior, you must think well beyond the walls. Indeed, once you have chosen the paint color (s) of the piece, you must tackle other elements. For example, in a kitchen, you can also repaint the credence.

Bathroom side, remember to put a paint on your old-fashioned tiles. For this, there are special resins that provide a very nice finish.

Plus, do some home staging, and give a second life to your old furniture: repaint your old dresser in more modern tones, change the handles, and you’re done! Finally, add touches of color here and there with a few decorative elements!

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