How to choose the right commercial induction fryer?

Commercial induction fryer

Induction fryer commercial Iis a kind of the cooking method of commercial induction cooktops. People seem to have the same and lasting love for fried foods. Commercial frying equipment are very common in restaurants that require fast-fried foods, such as Western restaurants, cafes, McDonald’s, KFC, and specialty snack bars. But whether you can present delicious food with consistent taste is a question you need to think about.

For customers who want to invest in the fryer retail business or create loyalty to your restaurant brand, we recommend that you consult a professional commercial induction cooker manufacturer or supplier directly. If you are looking to purchase more than a fryer for your business we recommend checking out this very in-depth article on commercial kitchen equipment essentials, a helpful guide to just about every piece of equipment you are likely to purchase. It makes your choices easy when you consider all the factors piece by piece.

1.Capital investment

Product certification is a priority for investment, such as CE certificated. For the provisions on temperature control in the CE certification standard, we will talk in the following text.

Besides, voltage, product model, kitchen space and daily passenger flow are all related factors. A voltage of 220v means you can only choose a Countertop type product, while a 380v Floor Models fryer is beyond your business considerations. For most restaurants, commercial countertop fryer is the best solution for saving your kitchen space and costs, because it takes up less space in the kitchen, saves on electricity bills, and can be easily adapted to the flow of customers.

2.Reliable manufacturer or supplier

The company behind is as important as the product (function, price, quality, etc.) itself, as it is directly related to service details such as product delivery time, product training, and after-sales support, etc. To find a professional and experienced manufacturer to buy fryers at factory direct price, quality and cheap is the best investment option.

manufacturer or supplier

3.Details of the fryer itself

(1)Temperature Control / Temperature Range

The commercial induction deep fryer thermostat maintains an accurate temperature throughout the cooking cycle, effectively avoiding overcooking of food.

It can be implemented by a temperature control system developed by smabo or an OMRON temperature controller. The system from Smabo can monitor real-time temperature and can achieve ±1 Celsius accuracy when static. The value on the display is the current oil temperature when operating the fryer. You can manually set the upper limited temperature of the fryer: when the temperature of the display is less than the upper limit, the fryer will continue to work; when it reaches the set temperature, it will stop heating; you need to pay attention when the temperature approaches the set temperature, the heating rate of the fryer will be slower, in order to prevent the oil temperature to exceed the set temperature under rapid heating.

Based on the safety value of the temperature in the international CE certification standard, we set the limit of the upper temperature to 200 Celsius. When exceeded, the heating module will stop working to avoid excessive heating of the food and the oil, and reduce the possible risk of burns.

Fryer Temperature Range

(2)Energy efficiency and durability

One thing made us moved: a dealer from South Africa who bought Smabo induction fryer, shares the data with us after he personally did an energy efficiency test compared it with a gas stove. From the test report and his dictation, the energy efficiency of the induction commercial fryer can reach more than 95%; compared with gas, it can save 40% costs; after continuous testing with 196 hours, the fryer still works stably. This is very encouraging news for our Smabo induction cooker factory and other distributors.

(3)Frying Area

It refers to the frying area of the oil tank. Many customers will care about this question “how much oil is needed to fill the fryer?”.In general, commercial deep fryer manufacturers use the capacity (length*width) to indicate the maximum oil, and its size directly affects the frying area.

Here, it is worth mentioning that the bottom of the frying area from the Smabo induction fryer has a sloping design. That allows food debris to flow into the collection tank, thereby avoiding the food repeated heating and affecting the quality of the oil.



There is a circular hole in the corner of the frying area, which is directly connected to the drain valve, allowing the oil to drain out, increasing the convenience of use.


Not all commercial fryers require oil filtration systems, but it is a key investment consideration, just like a precise temperature control system.

Here, the filter can only be counted as a simple oil-filter system. Located below the fryer, it can reduce the risk of clogging the drainboard and increase the usage frequency of the oil by filtering the oil slag.

Undoubtedly, in order to reduce the cost of oil replacement and improve the color and taste of food, a complete oil filtration system is an inevitable trend in the development of commercial induction fryer. Fortunately, Smabo R&D Center has achieved some results.

(6)Control ways

The manually controlled fryer basically can meet the needs of most commercial restaurant deep fryer. Advantages: Reduces initial investment, simple operation, perfect for Inexperienced fry chefs.

Custom options

When the manufacturer’s regular products can’t meet your needs, you can propose a DIY custom service.

1.Size customization

Special-sized fryers need to refer to the size of your kitchen and the estimated customer flow, mainly related to the size change of the cylinder and the corresponding size and number of fried baskets.

Smabo has rich experience in the commercial induction cooking equipment customization area. Consult us for relevant custom cases and service details.

2.Automatic lifting basket

The operation of the automatic lift basket is interrelated with the timer and the lift system. When the cooking time reaches the preset value, the basket rises automatically. Do not worry about the food being overcooked.

3.Fryer cover

If you want to avoid flavor tampering, adding a fryer cover design should be a priority idea.

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