Facts about Urine Test During Pregnancy

Urine Test During Pregnancy

Glucose is a component in the body which can be found in urine. You must have heard the name of insulin hormone, this is the reason why glucose transfer from your cells to your entire body. This thing is used to provide you energy. If there’s any glucose is left it naturally gets stored inside the kidneys, and it washes out with the bodily waste.

In here, if the sugar level in your body is high, your bean-like organs, namely kidneys will not be able to absorb all of that sweetness, thus, the remains will be in the urine. This very situation is known as glycosuria, which carries the signs of diabetes, and when it onsets on pregnant moms, it’s called gestational diabetes. Therefore, the doctors always perform this very test on the mothers-to-be. So, here, you will get to know some important facts about the same.

The test

You must know that when you go for a urine test in the clinic or hospital, it will be certainly for gestational diabetes, also, there will be some other tests to confirm the entire situation. Here, the fact is half of the tested women have glucose in urine after glucose tolerance test, and among them, 6 to 7% have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So, you must not get into panic mode, when your doctor tells you that you have glucose in your urine.

  • For the test, you will be asked to collect a sample of your urine in a plastic cup
  • After that, you must clean the genital area with a sterile wipe, and that should be done before you urinate as well.
  • When you bring the specimen to the doctor, it will be screened by the healthcare personnel.
  • The very screening will make it easy to understand the issues.

The routine urine tests during pregnancy


This is the test which is to evaluate glucose in urine pregnant woman, and if they have gestational diabetes. If a pregnant woman has this disease it can always interfere with the pregnancy, or if the level is normal, then the woman is given 24 weeks to 28 of pregnancy, and she has to go through a screening test which will include having a high-sugar drink, and after that, the blood sample is collected.


This urine test is also done to test the protein in the blood, and if the same is detected, then it can cause chronic kidney disease or infection in the same place. This also affects blood pressure, which is a thing to think in case of pregnant women. The level of creatinine is measured to do the diagnosis.


This is an acid which is used to break down the fats inside the body. If a huge amount of the same is found in blood, it can always lead to diabetes, and a serious condition, where the mother can lose her consciousness. This also has symptoms like organ failure swelling of the brain. With the help of the urine test, this very amount of ketones can be found out.

Lastly, the urine test is also done to detect if the urinary tract has been affected by any kind of infection or not. If there is a bacteria growth is seen in the urine sample, then it is promptly treated.

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