Politicians’ Bizarre Sleeping Habits

It’s universally accepted that sleeping eight to nine hours a day is vital for both your mental and physical health. However, there are people who choose to alter this routine. Some of them believe it will boost their productivity and creativity, while others suffer from sleep-related disorders. 

We’re constantly surrounded by celebrity stories and their bizarre sleeping habits. The folks over at DisturbMeNot have taken some of them and put them into an informative infographic, making it easier for us to understand what these sleeping habits are.

Politicians also made the list, as it seems they have some really odd sleeping habits. Some of them sleep over 20 hours a day, while others take constant small naps. We’ll go through some of them, and you can find the rest in the infographic below.

Ronald Reagan

A lot of people don’t know that the USA’s 40th President, Ronald Reagan, was a napper. He even admitted to having fallen asleep during cabinet meetings.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy had problems with sleeping because of his back pain. This is the reason why he usually took two barbiturates to ease the pain and fall asleep. Barbiturates were developed in 1964, and their primary use was to relax the body and help people sleep.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was known to be a biphasic sleeper. Biphasic stands for a specific sleep pattern, where the person sleeps for two segments a day. 

Churchill would take a two-hour nap at 5 pm after drinking a glass of whiskey and soda. He also had a habit of working at night and a truly strange habit of holding War Cabinet meetings in his bathroom.

Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the USA’s First Ladies and a great diplomat and activist, Eleanor Roosevelt, was a polyphasic sleeper. A polyphasic sleeper is a person who sleeps for specific periods of time throughout the day. 

Eleanor had even admitted that she would always take a nap before giving her public speeches.

Florence Nightingale

Apart from being a philosopher and a social reformer, the “Lady with the Lamp” was also a light sleeper. It’s said that she only slept for four hours a day, and at that time, this wasn’t seen as unhealthy but rather normal.

Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister of India has one of the strangest sleeping habits. He works 20 hours per day and sleeps only 3.5 hours per night. It only takes him 30 seconds to fall asleep when he goes to bed and practicing yoga and pranayama keeps him awake.

Bottom Line

Just like all of us, politicians aren’t immune to the problem of falling asleep. For this reason, they often practice habits that in their mind increase their productivity. Whether or not you should take a page out of their book is debatable. 

In any case, you should proceed with caution, because sleeping only four hours a day doesn’t seem like it would do wonders for your health.

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