5 Essential tips for playing on a laptop

Playing on the laptop will never be as we expect. It cannot be compared to playing on a desktop computer. This is because some inevitable sacrifices are made to be able to install all the components in the small case of a laptop. That’s why you also have to make sure you don’t overheat. For this reason, we lose performance and comfort. However, you can follow these tips that will help you improve your video game experience on your laptop.

Reduce resolution

If you do not have a gamer laptop (a very expensive device) you can improve performance with the most demanding games by reducing the screen resolution. If you are playing a shooting game it is the best. Since it is preferable to see a fluid movement when firing instead of a clumsy and slow movement that surely will not let you shoot and you are at risk of losing.

Remember that you are going to play on the laptop, so go to the game menu and reduce effects such as smoothing and carving shadows. The most sophisticated effects consume resources and also heats the laptop.

Don’t be picky

Believe it or not, it is worth opting for games with smaller specification requirements as it will work better. That is, older games with less demanding graphics are the best option.

Over time, any computer (laptop or desktop) accumulates junk files that make the computer slower. By using disk cleaning you can make your laptop run a little faster. However, you can use a utility like CCleaner that has very useful tools to perform Windows maintenance.

Also, close the applications you don’t need while playing since they use resources. You can open Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Deletete) to see which applications use more resources. With this tool, you can also close processes in the background, but be careful to close some critical Windows process.

It is also important to ensure that the hardware drivers are up to date (mainly the graphics). This is essential; in fact it could make a difference in-game performance if you have a dedicated GPU.

Manipulate the power settings a bit

The games also consume battery, so when it runs out you can no longer play on the laptop. You can save battery by reducing the screen brightness as much as you can. Of course, without sacrificing the gaming experience.

You can also activate an energy plan according to your needs. For that, go to Control Panel, Hardware, and Sound, Power Options. It is best to choose “Balanced Performance” and not “High” since in reality, the last option does not add many things that help in performance.

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