Top Five Treats to Make with Strawberry Syrup

Recently, I wanted to experiment. I wanted to test my skills in the kitchen and invested in a bottle of strawberry syrup. It took me a few days to get the hang of it. But after that learning period, I have been really enjoying myself and I want you to enjoy it too. Here are my top five treats to make with strawberry syrup.

#1 Strawberry Parfait

This has got to be one of my personal favorite foods. I eat it every morning and I look forward to it more and more each time. Start your day right and have a strawberry-flavored yogurt parfait. To enjoy this delicious treat, all you will need is Greek yogurt, granola, strawberry flavoring, and any of your favorite toppings.

Dress it up as much as you want or not at all. For toppings, I usually go with shaved coconut and fresh strawberries, but my mom leaves hers bare. For the strawberry flavor, you can use strawberry syrup, strawberry preservatives, smashed strawberries, or strawberry jam. The world is yours when it comes to flavoring. Try this for breakfast or dessert. It is nutritious, delicious, and will leave you with a smile.

#2 Strawberry Smoothie

I recently saw an incredible smoothie recipe online. The recipe calls for fresh strawberries, mint, lemon juice, and unsweetened coconut milk. It was fun to make and left me feeling like I was being pampered on vacation.

Additions I would add to their recipe would be a dash of yogurt, some ice, and strawberry flavoring. The yogurt and ice would increase the temperature retention of the drink, making it a colder treat. Additionally, it would thicken up the smoothie to be closer to a milkshake. To complete the experience, concentrating the strawberry flavor would create the ultimate dessert experience.

#3 Strawberry Cheese Cake

Cheesecake is really a treat for any time of year, but strawberry cheesecake is perfect for the summer. The fruity flavor paired with the cheesy-goodness reminds us of how lighthearted life can be. And best of all, making it is not all that difficult.

For the base, you will need crumbled up graham crackers, melted butter, and sugar. To add some spice to the recipe, throw in sliced almonds. For the filling, use cream cheese, sour cream, and sugar. Mixing these all together will give you a fluffy and delicious filling. Finally, sprinkle some sliced strawberries and strawberry syrup on top.

If that seems like too much effort, then you can purchase a premade cheesecake and just add toppings. It will be just as delicious, fluffy, and satisfying. If you want a smash hit for the next cookout, bring a strawberry cheesecake along.

#4 Strawberry Brownies

Quick, easy, and delicious. This dessert is perfect for all cooks and chefs. Invite your friends over for a hangout session or ask your cute coworker over for a dinner date. In either case, this dessert will impress.

You will need store-bought brownie mix, homemade ganache, and strawberries. Bake the brownie mix according to the instruction on the box. While it is cooking, create a ganache from boiling heaving cream and mixing in chocolate chips. Next, lay strawberry chunks on the brownie, cover it with the ganache, and add a strawberry syrup drizzle.

Overall, this recipe should take about four steps and require forty minutes of your time. Most of that time will be spent waiting for the brownies to bake and for the ganache to cool and solidify. Quick, easy, and delicious. Just like I told you.

#5 Strawberry-Flavored Hard Lemonade

I like lemonade. And I especially like a hard lemonade after a day in the sunlight. If you need a delicious summer drink to unwind and relax with, then you need a strawberry-flavored hard lemonade.

To create this drink, you will need ice, strawberry syrup, whiskey, lemon juice, and fresh strawberries. Add ice, the strawberry syrup, some whiskey, and lemon juice to your glass. Shake it until it is all mixed together and then pour it into your serving glass or pitcher. Cut up some strawberries and use it as a garnish for the cocktail.

With these recipes, you will surely learn to impress your friends. If you do not have friends or do not want to share your delicious treats, then you can enjoy them by yourself. Just be careful. With treats this yummy, you could become addicted and with the cost of strawberries rising due to American tariffs on Mexico, you could find yourself quickly out of money! But hey, at least you enjoyed yourself.

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