4 sustainable tourism destinations to discover in Europe

Eco Park Nin

People are more and more determined to travel differently, integrating the idea of ​​sustainable tourism into travel plans.

For the perfect destination, here are some suggestions of places and experiences to discover all over Europe. Places that make eco-responsibility their priority and are all part of the European label EDEN – European Destinations of Excellence -.

1- Madrid, zoom in a sustainable city

According to a World Trade & Tourism Council report, Madrid welcomed nearly 10 million visitors in 2016, a record since the 21st century, and the upward trend is only confirmed. Spanish immersion programs in Spain are a one of the demanded activities.

Earlier this year, the Spanish capital was awarded the title of the greenest city in Spain alongside Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country by the Observatory of Sustainable Development. Zoom in this metropolis of more than 6 million inhabitants and determined to start a green revolution!

Observatory of Sustainable Development has produced a report analyzing 52 Spanish provincial cities according to economic, social and environmental criteria.

Main city of Spain is becoming a healthier and more relaxing place to live and explore: an area totaling 472 hectares located in the city center has been declared closed to traffic, with the exception of residents and public transport . These new regulations will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.

2- Eco Park Nin, Croatia

Park, lagoon, long beaches that melt on a peninsula, botanical garden… these are the natural attributes that Nin is endowed. Attributes that this small fortified town located about fifteen kilometers north of Zadar, particularly cherishes in a total respect of the environment.

Moreover, birds love this place since more than 200 species live quietly in its eco-park. Plants too: there are indeed rare and medicinal species in the botanical garden.

As for travelers, they will appreciate the natural treatments of mud baths, the historical heritage of the city: nicknamed the Bethlehem of Croatia, Nin is one of the oldest fortified cities of the Mediterranean basin.

Finally, between beach, nature and old stones, they will fall under the charm of this ideal destination for lovers.

3- Along Kolpa River, Slovenia

With almost 60% of its land protected, Slovenia is considered one of the world’s most committed destinations for sustainable development.

In the city too, Slovenia is a model since Ljubljana was awarded the title of “green capital of Europe” in 2016.

Since then, prices have not stopped, on the contrary! One of its “greenest” destinations: the Kolpa, one of the most “intact” rivers in Slovenia, and the hottest! Located east of Ljubljana and west of Zagreb, it draws a border between the two countries.

Nestled in the heart of the Kolpa Natural Park, it offers a great biotic richness and changes character over its course over 113 km: from mountain stream near its source, it becomes a river downstream plain sinuous. Ideal for swimming, rafting, canoeing, paddling and even fishing, it is also discovered along its banks on foot or by bike.

4- Crispiano, Italy

Cape in the south of Europe, Crispiano in the province of Taranto. This charming village is surrounded by hills and fields dotted with ancient olive trees.

From small rural buildings, one passes to large fortified farms, all in a unit of white stone. In this preserved world and full of agri-tourism projects, walk, horseback, discover the culinary specialties based on local products soaked in the sun.

To enjoy the end of this trip, sleep in a Masseria, some are converted into beautiful farm inn where Italian taste and authenticity prevail.

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