The Answer to “How Much CBD Should I Take?


Now that CBD, derived from hemp, has been legalized federally in the United States, many consumers are flocking to this industry. They get excited about its potential benefits, but the number one question people want the answer to is, “how much CBD should I take?”.

This, unfortunately, is a very difficult question to answer. While legal, there hasn’t been a specific dosage that was recommended by the FDA, leading many to be confused.

Before worrying about the dosing, let’s examine CBD’s general safety, as this will give us a good idea of how it works and how best to dose.

1. Is CBD Safe?

According to the World Health Organization, CBD is seen to be a safe supplement, that cannot be abused or lead to addiction. While the compound in marijuana responsible for a high, THC, binds to our body’s endocannabinoid receptors, the CBD cannabinoid does not bind with these CB1 and CB2 receptors.

As a result, the body doesn’t become dependent on external cannabinoids, avoiding any addiction when using CBD alone.

It’s still important to remember that this is a relatively new industry, and more human trials are going to need to be conducted in order to conclude whether this is an entirely safe compound, and what the exact doses are.

2. What CBD Dose Should I Take?

As mentioned before, more and more studies are now being conducted on humans and their health conditions in order to determine what the ideal dose should be.

Due to CBD’s effectiveness in combating epilepsy, human studies have made tremendous progress in the field and have found that a 10mg daily dose was just as effective as taking a 20mg dose.

However, that study was conducted on children, and their weight will greatly differ from an adult’s.

Here are some factors that will determine your CBD dosage:

  • Weight
  • Metabolism
  • Last Meal
  • Health Condition & Severity
  • Previous Tolerance

If you are starting to take CBD for the first time, the general consensus right now is to the 1-6mg for every 10 pounds of your body weight.

Here is a diagram below that presents an idea on how to use this cannabinoid to combat pain, by your body weight and pain level:

On the other hand, we recommend you speak with a physician who has experience with CBD, and is aware of your medical history and current medicine intake. A doctor will be able to more safely help you choose the right dosage for your condition, and monitor your progress with the compound.

Once you and your doctor decide on a dose, we recommend using CBD oil tinctures from Balance CBD, as you can more accurately measure your dose, just as many do with Vitamin D3.

They also combine some of their CBD oils with essential oils that have been scientifically proven to be effective for certain health conditions like sleep, relaxation, anxiety and so forth.

If you have any more questions, it’d be a good idea to visit their website and get in contact with one of their specialists that can point you in the right direction.

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