Express Your Love, Impress Her With Flowers!

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You want to make a good impression, put your best foot forward and so on. Here’s the best way – impress her with flowers! Yes, as simple as that. Flowers can convey a myriad of emotions and all are designed to impress and suggest that the sender is very thoughtful and sensitive.

What do you want to say?

Visit any flower shop and you will be astounded by the variety of blooms available, in as many colors and arrangements. From the ruffled but dainty carnations to the elegant roses and the exotic orchids – you may end up feeling overwhelmed but you will definitely not come up short with ideas on how to impress her with flowers. One tip though: think about what you want to “say” first with those flowers. Are you looking to make a good first impression when you pick her up on your first date? Or are you thinking of sending a pre-date bouquet to create a feeling of anticipation for your date?

Keeping it light

In any case, it is best to start with light, bright flowers first. A bunch of miniature carnations looks very romantic and not too formal. That’s about right if you are just at the start of your relationship and do not want the pressure of a long term commitment – yet. Carnations signify fascination and that is where it all begins.   Does she have a bright and bubbly personality? Impress her with flowers that complement her vivacious persona such as a bouquet of daisies (if you do not want something very dramatic) or a bunch of sunflowers mixed with yellow roses. Don’t forget to include a note that says how thinking of her brightens up your day!

No holding back

If you are the type who prefers not to pussyfoot around or perhaps you are already in that stage of your relationship where you want to take things a bit further, then I say GO! Go and impress her with flowers that are more “meaningful” like deeply, velvety red roses or classical arrangements using some graceful tulips. The rose is the universal flower of love. Deep red roses signify deep emotions and everlasting affections. A single red rose is very dramatic while two entwined together makes the impression of your commitment to be together. Three obviously means “I Love You” and a dozen says the same thing though in a more emphatic tone. No one is putting a limit on the number of roses you can send – however, if marriage is still far from your mind, you may want to steer clear of the number 108 as sending this much is tantamount to asking her to marry you.

Other ideas

The general idea is to send bouquets that either send a message (Can’t wait to see you, Thinking about you, Good luck with your presentation, You brighten my day, Hope you feel better soon, etc.) or complements the woman’s personality (Is she worldly, sophisticated and exotic? Try sending her orchids. Does she enjoy simple living and an uncomplicated life? A bunch of true blue forget-me-nots will be perfect). You don’t even have to stick with just one flower variety – you can impress her with flowers by actually mixing and matching them to make an even more astounding arrangement. Oh, one more thing. Do not send the artificial kind – I know they last forever but nothing beats the real thing.

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