Are Your Kids Safe at Home? 4 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

As a parent, it is normal for you to feel worried and scared about your child getting hurt or injured inside the house. That is the reason why it is essential that both you and your child can identify potential hazards within your property. Unfortunately, many children still encounter household accidents, and they end up in the hospital with various injuries such as wounds, sprains, burns and sometimes broken bones. Parents end up blaming themselves for neglecting their children even though they know that accidents can happen anytime. To avoid these unfortunate incidents from happening here are some tips on how to childproof your home.  

Keep your children within your property at all times by installing gates and fences

If your house does not have any barriers and fences, then your children can be at risk of getting hurt or run down by speeding vehicles, especially if left unattended. A lot of things can happen in just a few minutes; that is why it is essential to keep them safe within your property by securing the whole area with concrete walls and fences. However, before getting started, you should seek advice from a party wall surveyor by checking out sites like to ensure that you will not have problems dealing with property boundaries once the construction starts to take place.

Make sure that all flammable materials are out of reach

Children are generally curious by nature, especially toddlers. They love to reach out to any object that catches their curiosity. Make sure that matches, lighters, and candles are kept hidden from their eyesight because they can play with them and cause an accidental fire. Also, scented candles should be kept out of reach because your child may think that they are food because of the attractive smell and they may end up eating them which can cause choking, suffocation and even death.

Store medicines, detergents, soaps, shampoos, and other cleaning materials in a safe place 

All types of medication and chemical based cleaners should always be stored in a safe place or kept hidden in kitchen cabinets so your children will not be able to see them. They might play with them without realising their harmful effects. Parents do not usually realise that their child has ingested poisonous substance until such time that the symptoms start showing, and the child starts complaining.

Cover all electrical outlets and rearrange your furniture to prevent fatal electrical shocks

Children love to play with almost everything, and that includes sticking pointed objects inside electrical sockets. In case this happens to your child, make sure to turn off the primary source of electricity or the circuit breaker to instantly put a stop to the current that is running through their body and rush your child to the nearest hospital.

Make sure that you do not leave your child unattended. If you are working full time, you should entrust your child to a family member, hire a sitter, or take them to a day care centre.

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