What Is Better – Private or Statutory Health Insurance?

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Finding the right health insurance is a necessary evil for the majority of the population. The range of offers is confusing, and insurance policies are often full of backdoors and clauses. But choosing the right insurance policy is so important that your financial livelihood may depend on it. Different providers offer different services at different prices. A thorough research in the apron is indispensable so that one does not remain in the emergency case on the exorbitant high calculations sitting.

Private or statutory

What sounds like a free choice isn’t actually a free choice. In order to take out private health insurance, a certain minimum income must be proven. This figure increases by two to three percent annually. For the year 2019, the assessment limit is 60,750 euros gross salary. Excluded from this regulation are freelancers and self-employed persons as well as civil servants and prospective civil servants.

Private health insurance is generally considered to be better, as many doctors offer private patients better treatment and prompt appointments. Civil servants and their relatives are eligible. Their employers are obliged to provide care for the sick. The amount of this benefit may vary from region to region. In the case of normal employees, the allowance can reach 50 percent. There are medical practices that either prefer privately insured patients or completely exclude statutorily insured persons. This brings financial advantages to the doctor.

In terms of cost, private health insurance is like any other insurance. The higher the benefits included, the higher the contribution. A private health insurance comparison calculator can be used to calculate the actual costs to be expected.

Private insurance for children

The law is a little different for children. Regardless of their parents’ insurance, they can have private health insurance. If the parents also have private health insurance, however, there is no free family insurance. In this case, the child must receive additional private insurance cover.

Accordingly, the parents must also pay the additional insurance premium. Fortunately, this does not reach the level of an adult tariff. This can be justified by the lower treatment costs for children. An approximate guideline is a maximum of 150 euros per child without a deductible.

Do not rush into deciding

Insurance remains a complex issue. However, in view of the financial brisance, it is important to obtain detailed information. Particularly when it comes to children’s health, a thorough approach should be taken. A good way to obtain in-depth information in advance is to visit the PHI Children’s Tariff website. Here, detailed comparisons are set up. In addition, the website offers very comprehensive information about all facets of health insurance for children – costs, benefits, providers and law. An FAQ section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions. If there is any uncertainty, advice is also available by telephone or e-mail.

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