3 Innovative eCommerce Trends You Need to Know

The explosion of eCommerce is a result of the increased need for online transactions to be easy, user-friendly, and functional for the business owner. Virtually all industries deal with eCommerce, as any business that sells goods or services online will need a back-end setup that allows customers to purchase these items. Keep an eye on some of the most innovative eCommerce trends so your site will operate at peak functionality at all times.

Selling Through Multiple Channels

According to a 2018 report, 87 percent of U.S. consumers shop offline, while 45 percent reported purchasing from a branded online store. That same report showed that 11 percent of respondents to the survey made a purchase through Facebook. More than half of the members of Generation Z purchase from brick-and-mortar stores. In order to reach the widest audience, your eCommerce site must be set up to sell across multiple channels.

By catering to the needs of omni-channel shoppers, you can improve your company’s profitability. Look for ways to incorporate your ability to sell on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, which can support direct sales if your eCommerce platform can handle them. Additionally, popular channels like Google Shopping and Amazon can keep your products in front of the widest audience.

Simplifying the Checkout Process

A complicated checkout process is one of the key reasons that a potential customer will not make a purchase. One report showed that 69.9 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned. Approximately 17 percent of those customers abandon their carts because the website crashed or had errors. Six percent left because of a lack of payment method options and 28 percent abandon the cart because of a complex or long checkout process.

Although some of the potential customers who leave your site abandon their carts for reasons beyond your control, poor website performance and a lack of payment options are aspects that you can fix. Magento is an eCommerce platform that can make it much easier to manage the way your website accepts payments and handles online sales. By using Magento eCommerce, your business can avoid the problems that cause a portion of customers to abandon their purchases. You can also rely on a certified Magento developer to handle the changes to the backend of the site instead of having to work on it yourself.

Personalizing the Shopping Experience

Another eCommerce trend to be aware of is the need to personalize the shopping experience. It’s important to have your product available on multiple channels, as discussed, but as you expand your presence, you must also consider how you can provide a more cohesive brand experience across those channels. The customer must feel recognized as the same individual, whether they’re looking at your business on Instagram or on your own branded website. In one study, 80 percent of respondents reported they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.

By keeping up with the latest trends in eCommerce, you can make your brand more appealing and potentially boost profitability. The right eCommerce platform is key to ensuring a successful checkout process and plenty of options.

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