Advantages of outsourcing IT Support Services

Any newly established firm cannot operate without using technology, even the documents required to carry out the activity are released from the counter by the operators using the technology. There is no business area without the need for a computer, an internet connection, a printer, an email address, and so on. The business base lies in an efficient IT system that technically supports the development plan.

A business can start wrong if from the outset it does not choose an IT consultancy service and technical assistance to deliver viable solutions and long-term partnerships. We can say that the IT department is the key to success in business. Similarly, a company may stagnate or fail when the computer system does not work correctly. Read more here.

A handy-man for computers

Unfortunately, many businesses, in critical situations, will call someone who “knows computers” to solve their problems. Those people who provide support will never be the person to offer optimal solutions. This guy comes when he can and addresses what he has at hand, runs a script until the next malfunction, without too much financial claim and without the guarantee of the intervention. The philosophy of the entrepreneur that allocates a limited budget to the IT department comes in, leaves it as it is and goes.

If we do a free audit for ten randomly selected companies, we will find that only 1-2 companies have an employee for the IT department or outsourced IT service contract. The other companies will have a highly obsolete computer system with employees complaining that they cannot carry out their professional activity due to technical problems in the absence of an IT department.

There are many cases where company employees are in a difficult situation, all this to the detriment of the business. These problems tend to aggravate to the point where they will have to resort to specialized technical services such as managed IT services from These types of services are highly competitive and useful for any company.           

A collaboration with outsourced IT services covers all technical needs

The technology industry has become extraordinarily complex and branched, with more and more elaborate business areas and departments. That is why a collaboration for outsourced IT services can cover all technical needs.

Even technology industry companies have to turn to outsourced services to increase their efficiency and save money.

Large companies allow themselves to organize an internal IT department to manage and take on day-to-day technical issues. Even so, collaboration contracts will be made to outsource services that cannot be supported within the IT department.

Additional info:

Outsourcing the IT services helps businesses and companies wishing to eliminate all or part of some technical support services to focus their efforts on the core business. For small and medium-sized companies, working with a full-service technical support team will make them hand over the responsibility to a professional team ready to take over.

Advantages of an IT outsourcing contract

  • Reduced costs for an outsourced service to a permanently committed IT specialist
  • Prices for outsourced IT services are reimbursable within a company, so spending on this department becomes even smaller
  • Company employees can concentrate on the main business
  • Outsourced IT service does not take leave; there will always be someone to take over your requests.
  • They work in a team to maintain the computer system, instead of a single employee or two
  • Technical solutions are at the highest standards, keeping pace with the latest technological novelties
  • Performance of the IT system is noticeably improved on the basis of the budget allocated to this department
  • IT outsourcing service eliminates the costs of staff training, salary, workspace, office, telephone, etc.
  • Unique contact point, take over and liaise with all other complementary service providers
  • Personalized subscriptions to cover the needs of your business.
  • IT audit services, consultancy, and advice for software and hardware purchases
  • Inventory of equipment and software
  • Timely interventions, demand management system, remote, telephone, shift to customer’s home

IT Assistance Services

IT companies offer IT support packages and services according to customer needs. The clients range from personal computer users to small and medium-sized businesses, companies and partnerships based on project implementation.

Here are some short-term situations in which customers ask for help from the technical troubleshooting team:

  • Desktop computer + inkjet multifunction printer;
  • Telephone contact for intervention – the computer and the multifunctional were brought to the company headquarters;
  • Computer restarts at specific time intervals and the printer was printing white sheets;
  • Service delivery/receipt form has been drawn up and the computer was dust-cleaned inside;
  • Printer did not print because the cartridge’s ink was dry, the cartridges were replaced;
  • Laptop and the multifunctional were handed over to the customer after two days in perfect working order
  • Small tourism company with five computers, two printers, one wireless router and one server;
  • Telephone contact for intervention – traveling to the company’s office the next day;
  • Problem: limited access to the internet and local area network; computer system evaluation + work plan; solution: building new regional network infrastructure, many of the old cables were discontinued on the route, reconfiguration of local area network access and workstation internet;
  • On the basis of the work carried out, a monthly contract for assistance was also drawn up to prevent and resolve any technical problems.

Why opt for IT outsourcing?

  • Reduced costs: financially it is more efficient to do IT outsourcing than maintaining a permanent employee. By outsourcing the internal IT department, you get a cost reduction of at least 30%.
  • Knowledge Services: When you use the expertise of such a provider, you have the advantage of having access to a much larger number of information and solutions;
  • Focusing on the business: encountering problems within the IT department involves the loss of precious business time. Using an outsourcing provider will allow you to focus on your business, with all worries about these issues being removed;
  • Risk Management: Due to IT expertise, any company can reduce the risk of losing important data at the same time ensuring data security and confidentiality, plus other regulations.

Outsourced IT services are an asset for all companies because costs are significantly diminished from a dedicated IT department; you have a flexible service program and package with 100% qualified staff.              

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