What to Pack for a Long Motorcycle Trip

Whether you’ve just purchased your motorcycle or are a veteran rider, long trips are some of the best adventures you can have. But before you embark on your journey, preparation is essential. Here’s what you need to pack to make sure you account for emergencies, pleasure, comfort, and getting the most out of your time on the road.


There’s no use getting new Dunlop motorcycle tires and having your ride prepared for a long journey if you’re just going to stay in hotels the whole time. A great tent allows you the freedom to go anywhere and do anything on your own terms.

When you get a tent, you always have to compromise cost, weight, and size. Take some time to research the climate where you’re headed and then get the one that will fit best and offer you the right protection.


In more populated areas, you can be sure you’ll see a coffee shop practically every 100 feet. If you’re counting on that, though, you might be unpleasantly surprised when you get out far enough from city centers that you can no longer find a coffee house in sight.

Carry fresh coffee, a combination flask and coffee press, and a portable gas stove so you always have coffee whenever you need it. Not only will be sure to have coffee anywhere, but you can guarantee it will be the freshest cup to keep you energized and alert during your ride.

GPS system and mount

You don’t want to have to pull your phone out every time you need to figure out where you’re going. A mounted GPS gives you the freedom to go a lot farther and longer than you otherwise would. Not to mention, it offers proper protection to ensure your phone doesn’t fall during your ride. Nothing would be worse than having to make a pit stop because you dropped your phone and need to replace it.

Whether you need to find a hotel, the nearest center, a pharmacy, or a place to get tourist information, you’ll be glad you invested in a GPS system and a sturdy mount that secures and protects your tech gear.

Roadside repair kit

Accidents happen to the best of us and they could happen to you. One of the best things about taking your motorcycle on long trips is the independence it allows and the self-reliance it encourages.

If you’re truly self-reliant, you’ll want a way to fix things all on your own. Don’t forget a repair kit that will let you patch up a tire or fix some loose bolts whenever and wherever you need.


You’ll want to take a spare set of keys, extra oil, bulbs, and fuses at the least. That way, when you face the choice of staying on the main road or going off to explore, you’ll be able to go wherever you want without fear.

Some other extras to pack? Consider a spare mirror, an extra turn signal or tail light bulb, and some valve caps for the tires.

Comfort items

You may not mind the growl of your motorcycle most of the time, but if you’re riding it day in and day out for an entire week, you might be really happy for some earplugs. You should also check out heated gear if you’re headed anywhere chilly.

Be sure to pack good rain gear, too. Even if you set to the driest places in America, you never know when a rainstorm might come up. At the least, have a good jacket, gloves, boots, and pants to protect you.

Spare clothes

Not only should you pack a spare pair of jeans and a shirt, but you should also bring along a change of nicer clothes. You might find that you’ve decided to explore an area a bit longer, whether to watch a show or dine at a fine restaurant. In these events, you’ll be glad you packed a suit or little black dress.


In addition to the basics like bug spray and shampoo, don’t forget some of those extra that can make your time on the road a little bit more comfortable. These include personal grooming items like nail clippers and powder, but also pharmaceuticals.

You don’t want to have to source a pharmacy if you get a cold, your allergies act up, or you need some ibuprofen. Pack a basic kit of these so you can keep going no matter what your destination.

Long rides are an ultimate adventure. Just be sure you’ve packed properly to make the most out of your journey.

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