The facts about Ozymandias that people should know!

Shelly was a famous poet who wrote useful essays on Ozymandias to give the people understanding of ancient time, the kings, civilization, culture, traditions, and arts of the people in the past.  The people of all over the world are impressed with his poetry because he presented a beautiful picture of the king and his arts to people. He also used the idea of the desert in his poems to give the idea of ancient time, their rules norms and culture. Ozymandias the English poem was punished in 1888 by Shelly which has different chapter and every chapter depicts a different aspect of her poetry.

Literature and Art used in the poem:

Shelly presented two powerful literary, images, tools and satire to gain the attention of readers with beautiful insights. The images that are used in the poem attract the audience because of the amazing art, literature, and painting.  Ozymandias is basically the name of the king who was arrogant, cold and spurious type person. He also presented Ozymandias and Immortality in which he described that property is not considered as the eternal world. Shelly used various images to express the views of the poet in a different way that people like.

The concept of the eternal world in the poem:

 Shelly explained that no one in this world will live forever, every person will go to the eternal world after death. The wealth of the person will also end after his death. Shelly explained the morality of poetry by using ironic and vivid paintings and said that the worlds that are written on Ozymandias statue are that my name is king, the king of Omimandia. Sherry introduced the world powerful using time and nature, the time and the beginning of the world or nature give the idea of God, he described the thing that Ozymandias cannot attain which is immortal. Ozymandias ruled the world, but it is not the end, the power of time and nature is used by God. Some people went to deserts to see the statue of Ozymandias and they were shocked to see his statue. The only saw the broken face and feet of the statue, the face has the arrogant expressions which showed the cruel nature of the king.

Power of the King

Shelly explained in the poem that king has the authority to rule on others and he thought that he is the most powerful king in the world, but he can’t control the emotions and feelings of the people with his power. Power made the king arrogant and curl and he used his power whenever he wanted as he considered people are the subordinate to him. The power of the king is not permanent but it was temporary, and all his power or authority was ended when he died so, Shelly in the poem gives a lesson to all the cruel leaders or rulers of the world that don’t be cruel with the people as no one in this world will live forever, everyone will die one day even the most powerful person will not stop death. The statue of Ozymandias shows the arrogance and pride in his face but all the things that the king used were ended which shows that the world is temporary.

Key points in the poem:

The poem of Shelly Ozymandias has some important aspects of human nature which are as follows:

  • Human nature is temporary, every person has to face death.
  • The wealth of the person will end after his death.
  • The king Ozymandias has also faced death and all his wealth was ended.
  • Nature runs according to God and no king has the authority to change the nature. The king has not the powers of God.
  • The statue which was made after the death of Ozymandias was also broken which shows that everything in this world is temporary so why the kings are cruel to their people.
  • The statue of Ozymandias was expired and the only thing that remained is desert sand.
  • The king used his power to rule others and he said that he has the authority to rule and no one can question about his power.

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