Perfume and Fragrances Packaging Trend in 2019

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for aesthetics are getting higher and higher, which means that the perfume industry will always be on the rise. The global perfume market was worth $ 37.4 Billion in 2017 and the market is projected to reach $64.6 Billion by 2023.

Fragrance industry has encountered some significant moves in recent years. Top perfume brands are innovating to remain top position through the booming niche markets, by developing targeted fragrance blends that are more appealing to the consumer.

The process for developing a brand perfume requires equal important in strategy and techniques. One of the key element to making a perfume brand success is the perfume packaging. As we know, a fragrance is not only a form of olfactory art but also a kind of visual art.

The smell of the scent may catch the attention of the potential purchasers and clients but its appearance is similarly essential.  Perfume should be packed in box or bottles which looks attractive and appealing. If the bottle or box in which the perfume is kept, is beautiful and interesting withit may let your customers as your permanent and loyal buyers. Therefore, packaging plays an increasingly essential role in perfume.

Today, as professional in the perfume industry. Abely perfume summarized several future perfume trends as well as packaging trend in 2019:

1. Eco-friendly/Veganism

The green movement is sweeping across the fragrance market. There is a worldwide movement toward eco-friendly, natural-feeling and nature-inspired fragrance. Natural scents help people to connect to a healthier way of life with a greater focus on fresher constructions. Some natural elements are also recommended to use in the perfume packaging, such as light florals, aqueous, marine etc. Plants and botanical extracts from vegetables, herbs, and spices, are also in trend in the fragrance industry.

Vegan perfume is also referred to perfume that does not use animal ingredients, including animal-test which also called cruelty-free perfume. Vegan perfumes are regarded as one of the biggest perfume trends in 2019. Actually, the rising awareness of veganism has affected almost the whole beauty industry. According to a recent study, 64% of consumers will prioritize choosing to buy vegan perfumes. In this way, animal-friendly perfume packaging should be taken into consideration to buy perfume suppliers as the veganism goes viral. Emerging representative perfume brand like Zoologist.

2. Personalization

Perfume companies are taking to a whole new level through personalized perfume bottles and other perfume packagings. Fragrance companies are incorporating elements inside scent and appearance design that are unique to each customer. These brands prefer to blend their self-characteristics into the custom perfume bottles, and the bottles tend to be a kind of symbol of the brands. Famous representative perfume like Good Girl by Carolina Herrera.

As the niche brands rise, it is a probability that personalized fragrances is driven.

In future, fragrance product may be designed by Human’s DNA testing. The perfume manufacturers design the type of scents, the design of perfume bottle and packaging style and material of perfume by analyzing your DNA.

3. Unisex/Non-binary

This year, the unisex fashion and attitudes have reached new levels. The CFDA, the organizer of New York Fashion Week was heard mentioning the “unisex/non-binary” as a new category during the 2018 fashion show.

Genderless or unisex perfumes are gaining huge popularity as consumers are more focused on expressing their individual personality through their fragrances than adhering to gender norms. 

On the basis of surveys, now nearly 71% of customers are interested in trying a unisex fragrance this year. When it comes to notes that appeal, traditionally masculine scents are in vogue with 70% of women’s top-voted perfumes contained masculine woody or spicy notes, when it comes to perfume packaging, they show their interest in classic genderless perfume bottles.

At the same time, genderless or unisex perfume bottles have been in increasing demand. With the same bottle, perfumes/perfume brands could make it in girlish color and lovely accessories for women, and in masculine color or glamorous decorations for men.

In this point, simple shaped standard bottles, such as a cylinder, rectangle, square shape, are more and more favored because of its short lead time and enough space for decorations.

Besides of unisex standard bottles, customized bottles are another good choice, especially for niche brands. The developing time of custom design is comparatively longer and it is costly, however, all the upfront investment is worthy. One of the successful brands is Widian.

4. Innovative Applications

For offering multi-sensorial experiences to all consumers, the fragrance industry is adapting itself to the new market trends. The Millennials and Generation Z have grown up surrounded by technology and their approach to fragrances differs from one of the other age groups.

Appealing to the senses has become the one way to go for fragrances. Alternative fragrance applications and travel-oriented technologies are offering consumers memorable and interactive scent experiences, including hair mists, scented watch and jewelry, scented powders or temporary tattoos, and many more. Meanwhile, it is becoming more common to see perfumes with a packaging designed to match both the trend for multi-sensorial experiences and the new product applications.

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