3 Major Magento Hosting Problems and How Cloud Hosting Solves Them

Magento is currently the third most widely used ecommerce platform in the market. It is fast, scalable, and highly secure. In fact, experts say that Magento is known for its easy customization and that is one reason ecommerce store owners prefer it. Management of Magento ecommerce platform is a little expensive, but it offers extra features, enhanced security, and better maintenance and customization of Magento Themes.

Designed for serious business

Magento is made for serious ecommerce stores who are interested in generating ROI in shortest period of time. With tons of features available with Magento hosting, one can easily setup and create a store in almost a single day with Magento ecommerce platform. And due to its complexity and the features it offers, enterprises and mid-level businesses love to use it for their ecommerce stores.

But store owners often complain that they can’t find a reliable hosting solution. Whenever they choose a hosting solution for their business, its service degrades after sometime.

So in this post, we will discuss how to choose the best hosting for Magento and what are the solutions of commonly arising Magento hosting problems.

Major Magento Hosting Problems and Their Solutions

Here are common Magento problems and their solutions. We have tried to solve all these by providing relevant, practical solutions.

1.        Security & Hacking Vulnerability

Most cloud hosting platforms don’t offer any security for Magento ecommerce platform. Therefore, when searching for a good Magento web host make sure that it offers high level of security for your ecommerce store. If you are not sure how to choose a Magento platform that is highly secure and keeps your store secure from all threats, then you shouldn’t waste time on such a hosting service. Because sooner or later you will have to re-migrate to a better host.

Solution: Feature-Packaged Hosting

A fully managed cloud hosting solution is a great option for ecommerce platforms. Why? Because a fully managed cloud host is scalable, low-on-budget, and provides consistent support. Moreover, cloud hosts offer SSH instead of FTP to connect to the website. This is more secure and provides higher facility. Also, you will get IP whitelisting facility with cloud hosts that will allow you to access the service with only one IP.

2. Scaling When Needed

What will you do if it is an important event – a special deals days – and the server where your ecommerce store is hosted is running out of space. You will have to scale obviously. But, if you can’t scale your hosting service your site will crash.

This is a real scenario and it happens with most ecommerce stores when they are hosted on either a shared host or a VPS hosting service that isn’t scalable.


The best way to solve the scaling issue is by moving to a hosting solution that offers auto scaling. Not many hosting companies have auto scaling feature available. But, most cloud hosting companies now offer manual upscaling facility to the users. This means, when the ecommerce store owners run out of bandwidth, they can easily upscale the server for Magento with just a few clicks.

3. Support & Update Issues

Another issue that needs to be discussed here is of support and customization. Magento store owners mostly face the isssue of upgradation and security. On most hosting solutions, the store owners only have softaculous software available. This isn’t always updated and can lead to installation of an old version of Magento.

Another problem with most hosting solutions is that support of most web hosts is insufficient. It isn’t available for 24 hours and only available through live chat. So, what if a person needs to call support at night? Most web hosting companies don’t provide them that. That’s a major reason they switch to other better hosting solutions. And, sadly this concern is also raised by Magento store owners.


Get a hosting solution that offers constant automatic updates for your desired ecommerce platform. If the service isn’t offering automatic updates, then perhaps you need to move to another hosting solution.

As we have already discussed a fully managed cloud hosting solution above. It also solves the problem of support. Most fully managed hosting services offer support 24/7 through live chat, social media, phone and email.


That’s it. These were some of the major concerns of cloud hosting companies. In the end, what do ecommerce storew owners want? They want a hosting solution that can take care of all their hosting worries. We have provided a solution to that problem by highlighting the worst problems they face on a regular basis.

Now, you have a solution available, and you now know what choice to make. So, get started with your hosting hunt today.

If you think we have made an error in observation, simply comment it below or tell it to us through an email.

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