Temporary work – 3 advantages at a glance

Temporary work

Temporary employment has a long tradition in Germany. Considering how many branches of industry function almost exclusively by temporary workers in certain months of the year, this can be a worthwhile business not only for companies but also for employees.

Thus a temporary employment relationship does not have to be regarded as a kind of “last resort”. In the following we have listed 3 advantages of temporary employment:

1. improvement of the curriculum vitae

A temporary job may provide an opportunity to learn new skills or gain necessary experience in a particular area. This can be an advantage if a precise career goal is pursued that can only or better be achieved with the relevant work experience.

A temporary job can also be an option in the event of a change of industry. Here first experiences and also qualifications can be gained. This is particularly helpful in areas of technology or software. New experiences with new systems can facilitate the following job search substantially.

2. faster hiring process

There is often a certain urgency when recruiting for a temporary job. The company needs someone who can take the job quickly. This urgency gives jobseekers a great advantage. The closer the start of the job gets, the greater are the chances for employees without the precise and appropriate qualifications to take up the job.

That holds many chances, since so a large learning potential lies in the place which can be exercised. Companies looking for temporary workers often want to hire a candidate as quickly as possible. For these reasons, it is also worth being a bit more relaxed with your requirements for the job as a jobseeker. So the search is quickly over and jobs without certain training or degree are also possible. There are even job browser in Internet, like for example: https://captainjobs.de/  that announce only jobs that does not requires certain qualifications and trainings.

3. Apply through well performed work

Basically, a temporary employment contract can also be seen as an internship. A good job performance allows you to make targeted recommendations and apply for a job. Thus a good possibility exists to get into the desired company and stay there for a longer term.

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