How to Find an Affordable Cross Country Moving Company

Affordable Cross Country Moving Company

If it is time to move, you may have a million things on your mind. From going through your unneeded items to packing everything up, to moving it across town or the country, it can all seem overwhelming. The good news is there are moving companies that provide services to assist you with the process.

If you are like many people, budget may be on your mind. Paying for the time and equipment of multiple movers is not exactly cheap. The good news is that you can make it more affordable. Keep reading this website as we talk about how to find an affordable cross country moving company.

The first option in making your move more affordable is doing parts of it yourself. This means you can pack up your items by yourself. In fact, most moving companies will even let you help do most of the process yourself. You could hire a couple people in a moving company so you can utilizie their equipment and simply work on the actual lifting into the truck. This could take a couple hours and then driving it. Many people utilize a moving company for the entire process. This means the movers would come in and organize their belongings, they would pack up their stuff, they carry it to the truck, they move it to your new location, they upack it, and sometimes they organize it for them. This can end up costingt the homeowners a lot of money. If you are concious of your budget just ask the movers to do certain parts of the move.

You can always talk with the sales staff and company beforehand and ask them how much they believe a certain part will cost. For example, if you are budgeting 2 hours of moving into the truck time, let them know all the stuff you have and ask how much time they believe that will take. If they said 2 hours is a minimum, then you know you want to do most of the work yourself. If they say it will only take 1 hour, then you know you can utilize them during part of the packing process too.

The best part is that the movers are experienced and trained in all aspects of the move. If you find yourself behind in the process and want to spend a little more money to ensure everything goes on time, you can hire them for longer. If you find yourself being able to start early and want to save a little bit of money, you can have more items prepared. Movers are very flexible and willing to work with you.

The next tip we have in order to find affordable movers is to look at reviews online. This will help you to know who is honest and trustworthy and who isn’t. Part of the search is finding out if someone lies about the price. When you are talking with a company beforehand, make sure you ask them if there are any additional fees that could occur. Ask them as well if there are any hidden fees. Many companies may state a low hourly rate however they are not including small fees or a gas fee. These may occur, however you want to not be surprised when the bill comes. Ask them to please state all fees that can affect the outcome of the bill before the move, and even before you hire them.

If you need your items to be help before your move in date begins in the new city, the moving company may be able to hold them in their storage. This can save you time and money so you do not need to move them into storage and then move them out afterwards into the home. Although you won’t be able to get at your stuff in the meantime, try and only bring your necessities and plan on leaving the other items until you are inside your new home.

Our final tip on hiring an affordable cross country moving company is to not hire a rookie company. A rookie company not only may make mistakes, but may not be as efficient. If the moving company has been around for a while they know how to move quickly, they know how to be more efficient, and they know how to train their employees to do the best job possible. If a company you like is not new but you like them, that’s still okay. That doesn’t mean you should not work with a company that is not new. However, make sure they are able to prove to you why they are still efficient and know their stuff like a company that has been around for a while can.

As you can see, there are many ways to lower the cost of the moving company when you are moving cross country. Make sure to communicate your wishes with the company. Although it may end up taking longer than expected, try and communicate how much time and money you budgeted for the company which will help them to stay on schedule. If they see all your items and know that will take longer, ask them to communicate that with you so at least you know.

For more tips on finding an affordable cross country moving company, contact us today.

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