What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Do You Need for Your Business?

Keeping your place of business clean is essential to maintaining a good relationship with your employees, existing customers, and potential new customers. The cleanliness of your sales floor and offices says a lot about your business. But how do you go about finding the best commercial vacuums Toronto? What do you look for? If you keep in mind the following essential qualities of commercial vacuums, you should be able to find the right vacuum cleaner in Toronto for your business needs.


Compared to a normal residence, an industrial vacuum cleaner Toronto will face much more use and rugged situations. Commercial and industrial spaces gather more dust and see more feet cross their floors in a typical business day than a residential location would see in a month. Therefore, the top priority when choosing an industrial or commercial vacuum needs to be durability. Talk to a dealer who knows about commercial vacuums in Toronto to find out which brands have a reputation for high durability. Before you decide to purchase a vacuum, check its warranty. High-quality warranties can help pay for some required commercial vacuum repair and will save you money in the long run.

Wet or Dry?

A dry vacuum picks up dust, dirt, and other dry debris that might get tracked around your business floor. This works fine if you have an area that attracts a lot of dust, such as a server room or woodworking area. On the other hand, many businesses in Toronto require a commercial vacuum cleaner that can help clean up the water, snow, and ice that comes through the door on people’s boots. Wet industrial vacuum cleaners accomplish this through more powerful suction and watertight seals that allow you to vacuum up water without spreading it or struggling with leaks. If you need a commercial vacuum in Toronto that can cover both dry debris and spills, a wet vacuum is probably preferable.

Noise Level

Everybody knows that vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise, but it’s worth remembering that certain models operate more quietly than others. Because they have a stronger suction and more storage capacity than residential vacuums, a typical industrial vacuum cleaner runs at a much louder volume. Opting for a quieter vacuum cleaner often means sacrificing some power. As such, you need to decide where the balance lies. If you expect to use an industrial vacuum cleaner near Toronto customers, quiet is probably the best way to go. On the other hand, if you expect to only vacuum after hours or in an area where customers aren’t around, you can opt for stronger suction without having to worry about the extra noise.

When determining what sort of vacuum you should use for your business, seek out a model that has both durability and long-term reliability. After that, consider the area you need to vacuum most often and the number of customers who might be within earshot of the vacuum when it runs. These factors can help you find the best industrial vacuum cleaner in Toronto for your business.

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