What to do About Unwanted Guests in your home and garden


The ways in which a pest can enter your house could hardly be more diverse. There are even more possibilities, for them to enter your garden. It is particularly important to ensure that food and waste are stored the right way. An appropriate room climate can also ensure that pests do not feel at home here. Those who maintain a very high room temperature and also have a high level of humidity in their four walls create paradisiacal conditions for their unpleasant flatmates.

So that the vermin cannot even penetrate into the premises, it should also be ensured in the outdoor area, the garden, that there are no undiscovered settlements. From there, the unwelcome visitors can spread further. Because this spread takes place at an unbelievably fast pace. Once the pests have settled and spread, only targeted control of the intruders can help. Here, of course, it is important to proceed in a sensible way. This means that on the one hand nature is polluted as little as possible and on the other hand that legal requirements are observed.

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How pests can be combated sustainably today

If you have vermin or pests in your living environment, it goes without saying that you will try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Nobody feels comfortable in an environment where you can see a crawl and a flutter from all corners. If you’re looking for an exterminator in Frankfurt, have a look here: https://www.fs-kammerjaeger.de/schaedlingsbekaempfung-frankfurt/. A cosy evening after work or a restful night is then far from unthinkable. Even the vermin in the garden create a restless and less relaxed atmosphere. Here action announced. Hesitation is not an option here. The first step must be to block the paths on which the pests have reached the ground or the house. These can be quite banal things like open doors and windows or also damages in the plaster and brickwork.

Wherever the unpleasant guests have already nested, they must not only be removed, but also the appropriate areas cleaned. If possible, they should even be covered in order to reduce the attraction. It is unbelievable through which small openings or joints these creatures can enter our home. Large and obvious openings such as windows and doors can be fitted with suitable insect screens. Smaller openings and gaps can be closed with silicone or adhesive tape. Other vermin can be kept away by ensuring that the climate they prefer is no longer present. You already have peace and quiet from fruit loungers, ants, woodlouse or silverfish. This climate change can be achieved by appropriate heating and ventilation. This is a simple and ecologically harmless part of pest control.

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