Finding a good locksmith – it’s best to do some research in advance


Many leave their homes lost in thought. They just want to quickly go around the corner to the hairdresser, baker, butcher, nail studio or supermarket. Back at the front door then the shock – they have forgotten their apartment key. A particularly unpleasant feeling literally overwhelms you when you notice this after your evening visit to a disco, pub or bar. Usually it’s late in the evening or in the middle of the night. Especially then, a feeling of powerlessness spreads. Because now once again at this time of day ring out the neighbour to whom you gave the spare key once or guide a relative or friend from the other end of town into his residential street? Especially at a late hour the shame wins and you seriously think about calling a key emergency service.

Are high costs necessary?

But here one thinks first of all of the costs, which arise for the assignment of a key service. And it is logical that calling a key emergency service in the middle of the night naturally means high costs. And all the more so when you come across one of the so-called “black sheep”. With their unfair machinations – even if they are called during the day – they have severely damaged the reputation of the industry in recent years. A locksmith is happy to charge excessive travel costs and the companies also have no fixed prices. Sometimes the fitters of such a dubious locksmith also leave behind damage to the lock. But high costs with the assignment of a key emergency service do not have to be inevitably pre-programmed.

You can prepare yourself

You can also prepare very well for such an emergency – when you have locked yourself out. You can do this by selecting a locksmith from the Internet in advance and contacting him if necessary. If you live in Frankfurt you should have this guys number saved: https://www.sos-schlü Even the online presence of a key emergency service says a lot. There should be the possibility of a telephone contact. A factor for the selection should be that a fixed price can be agreed upon. The decisive factor is above all the ratings of other users of this locksmith service. Then you are well prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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