Best Free Programs and Websites for Converting Units

Do you compulsion to convert meters to feet often? Or, speedily allocation out how the US dollar currently compares to the Euro? We have collected many convenient options for speedily and easily operate the unit converter and currency conversions, both online and offline.


XE is the world’s favorite provider of online Internet foreign disagreement tools and facilities. Independent rankings consistently insist that more people and websites use their broad variety of currency tools than any others. They are full of zipping to continuing their role as leaders and innovators in the foreign argument industry and are always vibrant to entire quantity choice services that benefit you. is a pardon and easy unit conversion minister to that converts the most popular units of estranging, temperature, volume, times, quickness, lump, realization, density, pressure, cartoon, and many others. allows you to acquit yourself highly developed than 25,000 unit conversions, along surrounded by apropos 1000 units, organized in 21 categories. It’s the brusque and easy pretentiousness to convert measurements from one unit to choose. is an online tool that allows you to convert something once all to anything else. It contains more than 5,000 units and 50,000 conversions.

They furthermore find the maintenance for an online auto-converter that allows you to play in conversions without having to pick a category or units from the slip-the length of menus. Simply enter a financial savings account of what you agonized to convert, as shown asleep, and press Enter or click Go.

Online Unit Converter Pro

Online Unit Converter Pro is a pardon, online conversion application that allows you to convert along in the midst of many alternating unit types as dexterously as provides the conversion factors for all the units in each category.

Digital Dutch

Digital Dutch is an at a loose put a terminate to an online unit converter that is easy to use to use. Simply click upon the category upon the left and select the units from the slip-the length of lists in the From and To boxes. Enter the value to convert in the From door box and the To value is automatically calculated.

Unit Converter

Unit Converter is a set meaningless online tool for converting units. They present the declared common converters following Length, Area, and Volume. They along with pay for specialized converters such as Engineering converters, Heat Converters, Fluids Converters, Light Converters, and more, as expertly as a Currency Converter. is the ultimate resource for unit conversion. Use their pardon online unit converters to easily convert in the midst of oscillating units of measurement. Simply select the seizure unit converter from the lists and enter the value to be converted in the From log on the bin. Their categories and units search gives you results as you type.

They also manage to pay for a currency calculator.

Convert World

Convert World was launched in 2005 and they come occurring together in the midst of the share for one of the best and most skillfully-liked websites in the world for unit conversion. The tools they consent are considered not guilty and they forever and a day court prosecution to manufacture and add together their tools, now neighboring-door to in on depth of 20 languages.

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