A Revolutionary Material in Cellphone Industry Called Graphene

Graphene is claimed as a new and strong material. This material can be applied in a variety of industries, especially the industry which seeks for strong, lightweight, sturdy, and compact components. Even, this material can be applied in batteries including cell phones batteries. Even, this material can be applied in different types of sectors and industries. Despite a strong material but what graphene is? You will get the answer and the clear information below.

What Is Graphene?

Scientifically, graphene is a pure carbon in the form of a thin layer. It is also can be said that graphene is a pack of carbon atoms layer. What makes this carbon durable material is on its hexagonal connection into a graphene. Most people are asking the strong level of this material. Indeed, graphene is super strong material even if it is compared to steel. At the same time, the characteristics are also different than any other strong materials. Graphene is lighter, thinner, and more durable than strong materials out there. The most interesting fact is that the price of the raw material is cheap than those materials.

The Production Process

Now, you have known a little bit about graphene and you don’t ask about but what graphene is? Anytime people discuss it. Next, you have to learn about the way this material produced from the beginning until it becomes a strong material. First, the scientists are taking the raw material known as graphite. Second, they will do a process known as mechanical exfoliation. This process is where the graphite dissected layer by layer until one layer. Third, the process produced a monolayer of graphite which also known as graphene.

Graphene Application in Gadgets Industry

Interestingly, this material is applicable to a variety of industries including batteries. Graphene is able to use to develop batteries including cell phones batteries to the next level. There is a possibility that in the future, the battery will be extremely thin, transparent, flexible along with a great performance. There will be a significant changing in the size of the battery and more practical. The most important thing, this new material doesn’t reduce the performance and even improve the performance of the battery because graphene is also a good conductor to electricity. Due to the benefits and the characteristics of the material, the chance to use graphene in gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks is bigger. It is applied to the battery because based on the research graphene can save more energy much longer than the traditional batteries. Even, the batteries with graphene will be designed as a rechargeable free batteries. Just imagine if you have a flat and transparent battery just like a plastic in the future when the industries change the traditional batteries into graphene battery.

The best part is that graphene is not only used for electronic devices but also for different types of sectors. For example, this material is compatible with solar panel installments. By using this material, the solar panel system is able to detoxify contaminated water. Moreover, it is also able to filter the salt water fast.

The Price of Graphene

How about the price of graphene compared to any other materials? Does it cheaper than the other materials? Actually, the price of graphene is around $100.000 to $500.000 per gram. The price is determined by the production process, quality, and the purity of the graphene. Indeed, the more expensive the price it means you are using a high-quality graphene. Plus, you will have a strong, durable, compact, thin, and flexible material to support your industry. This is the reason why graphene is known as cheaper material than any other materials. Furthermore, the price is also determined by the production process whether it is made by mechanical exfoliation or CVD. The graphene made by mechanical exfoliation considered as the best quality so the price will be more expensive than CVD. It doesn’t mean that CVD is bad. The graphene made by CVD process produces a standard quality. The point is that the price is cheaper if it is compared to silicon or carbide.

Graphene Application in Filtration and Desalination Process

Talking about the application of graphene in a variety of industries, it means we have to talk about the way of thin graphene used for filtration or desalination process. The result is fantastic because a filtration and desalination process with graphene produced plenty of clean water and the pollutants are reduced drastically. In his latest research, Prof. Rahul Raveendran Nair used a multilayer membrane from graphene. The result is also fantastic in which the graphene is able to filter sodium chloride in seawater faster. Definitely, it shows how effective graphene to support a variety of sectors, especially to help people live better.


From the explanation above, you can learn not only about what graphene is but also about the benefits and the real application in real life. Even, you know the significant benefits if it is well developed in the future. It is able to change the role of traditional batteries in gadgets in which those gadgets will be supported by a thin, flexible, and durable battery just like a plastic! Moreover, you don’t need to recharge the gadgets because graphene helps to produce a rechargeable free battery. In a different application, graphene is successfully filtering seawater which makes the water clearer and limits the pollutants so it will be safe to drink. The best part is that the price of the material. As a fantastic material which can be used for a variety of purposes, graphene is extremely cheap and it is good to limit the production cost.

So, does graphene is a perfect material? We don’t know because it might be a better material in the future but at least graphene is the best option today and for a few years later to improve technology one step higher than before. Now, we just need to wait for the development and improvement of graphene for daily life. Just hoped that this material will be produced and used massively in the future. The most important thing, you understand what kind of material graphene is and you don’t have to shout but what graphene is?

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