Benefits of Digital Finance and Cryptocurrency Accounting

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange designed for digital transactions. It uses strong cryptography that ensures all the transactions involved are secure. Unlike the central banking system, the cryptocurrency employs a decentralized control system. This system applies the distributed ledger technology that is typically a blockchain. It is a database for public transactions.

In 2009, bitcoins were released as the first open-source software for the decentralized cryptocurrency. In general, Bitcoin is a form of electronic currency or money. Transactions can be carried out between two or more parties using bitcoins without physical contact and intermediaries. These online transactions involving bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are secured and verified by the use of cryptography and the records secured by distributed ledgers commonly known as blockchain.

The blockchain technology

Blockchain is typically a record of online transactions linked by cryptography. For easy understanding, blockchain is programmed for financial transactions. It is incorruptible and can be used to record any form of financial transactions. With blockchain, accountability has been taken to the highest degree; every transaction is recorded and harmonized to avoid any errors. Such errors include human errors, computer errors or even missed transactions. This system has a secure validation mechanism where the transactions are recorded on the main register that is connected to other registers.

Making money from cryptocurrency

With cryptocurrency, you can easily make money while you sleep to avoid working yourself to death. Hosting a masternode is one of the ways you can make money. This is simply a server on the blockchain. Users can use it to complete unique functions that cannot be completed by other nodes. For Masternodes to run, they require a sizable investment because of their capabilities. Investors get rewarded by earning portions of blockchain rewards irrespective of the cryptocurrency they are facilitating.

Masternodes operators get paid by some cryptocurrencies multiple times in a day while other projects pay them once a day. This gives the operators an opportunity to make taxable earnings without investing in the mining gear. The amount of money you can earn depends on the following things.

  1. The rate of appreciation in value of the coin you choose
  2. The coin you choose
  3. How the coin you choose facilitates the masternode
  4. The masternode you invest in

Cryptocurrency accounting

Cryptocurrency accounting has recently taken a grip in digital financial matters due to the safety features involved. The blockchain has transaction analyzers in their startup operation that ensures compliance with business etiquette. The startup polycons contains AML/KYC that identifies suspicious files and forwards them to compliance officers thus raising alarm on money laundering companies.

Blockchain has the built-in robustness that stores identical information across its network making it impossible to be controlled by a single entity and preventing single point failure. Harvex have a wide experience within its ranks for Blockchain accounting and finance. This team has been providing professional advice from the conception of the bitcoins and is still advising the developers and investors in cryptocurrency exchanges on accounting, structuring and compliance matters. Over the years, several clients have acquired Harvex services on company structuring and tax advice on matters cryptocurrency. The founding masterminds of Harvex have assembled a team of experts in accounting, tax and regulation that work around the clock to ensure cryptocurrency accounting is popular across the globe. This has given them a niche across the United Kingdom making them industry giants.

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