Tooth correction: types of orthodontic braces

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Orthodontic treatment can be started at any age, although the sooner we start it, the better for our teeth and gums – we will keep them healthy for longer. Let’s take advantage of the fact that there are currently many different variants of braces available on the market. We can decide whether it is more important for us to have a lower price or to achieve results quickly. Or maybe the most important thing for us is that the braces should be as little visible as possible? Take a look at the available braces types for young people and adults.

Metal Braces

It is the classic and cheapest orthodontic braces consisting of a profiled arch (wire), brackets (metal elements) fixed to teeth and coloured ligatures (elastics) connecting wire with brackets. The whole is usually held on metal rings surrounding the molar teeth. It takes on average 60-90 minutes to put on the metal braces.

Braces with metal locks are the most visible on the market, but at the same time they are characterized by high efficiency and resistance to damage. They are often worn by teenagers, sometimes treating them as a specific decoration and gladly choosing the colours of rubber ligatures.

Aesthetic (cosmetic) braces

The construction of this type of orthodontic braces is very similar to metal braces. However, they are distinguished by the type of brackets which, due to the material used (ceramics, crystal), cause visual merging of the braces and teeth. Thanks to this, aesthetic braces are almost invisible from a distance of a few meters. They can be seen only after a closer look at the patient’s smile.

Porcelain (ceramic) braces

The brackets of porcelain braces are made of ceramics, the colour of which is individually adjusted to the natural colour of the patient’s teeth. Thanks to this, these braces enjoy the reputation of the most aesthetic among all classic versions of fixed braces, especially when using coated arches and transparent ligatures.

Transparent braces (aligners)

It is a modern brace made with the help of the latest technology. It has the form of transparent overlays (aligners, thermoformable splints), which should be worn both at night and during the day (minimum 20 hours a day). It is almost invisible, which is why people who care about discreet straightening of their teeth decide to use it. It can also be taken out at any time – for the time of eating, brushing teeth, an important meeting.

The procedure is very simple. Currently, there are many companies on the market offering new invisible aligners. The procedure of such treatment is very simple. You can start by ordering home-nade impression kit at In the following steps the expected results of the treatment will be presented and the first aligners will be sent to you by post.


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