What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is a term used in the travel industry. It means to rent out a furnished home, condo or apartment on a temporary basis. It is an alternative to staying at a hotel or extended hotel. Corporate housing is a living space that is full furnished, serviced and is available to rent temporarily. The only thing you would need to bring for your stay at a corporate housing venue is your suitcase and food. Everything else is provided. Corporate housing is often referred to as short-term housing or temporary housing. You will find so many different corporate housing spaces to suit your lifestyle, preferences and budget: The East Williamsburg house, Bushwick house and Flatbush house are a few gorgeous and thriving co-living spaces in NYC.

What is the average stay in corporate housing?

The average stay can range from two to three months which is much longer than the average business stay. Many providers of corporate housing spaces specify the minimum stay at 14 days to 30 days. They are often located in apartments, condos or houses. Corporate housing is not just a term used to describe the physical space that you are renting, it also includes the amenities that you receive with the space.

Who uses Corporate housing?

It was mostly used by business travellers in the past, they would book a corporate house and live there when given a work task which would require a longer stay. But more and more people are looking into corporate housing. It is also used by government employees, relocating employees and now even interns. Homeowners who have been forced out of their homes due to fire or other disaster find that corporate housing offers them a home away from home. People who travel a lot, often look for corporate housing as they know that it is a hassle-free accommodation, offering many great facilities at affordable rates.

Benefits of Corporate housing

Corporate housing is often referred to as a medium between a fancy hotel stay and renting a full furnished apartment. Corporate housing offers the same level of privacy you would receive at your own home and offers many benefits that you have at home. You have a fully equipped kitchen with utensils, crockery, stoves and fridges. You won’t have to dine out, you can just cook a meal at home and enjoy your getaway. Unlike extended stay hotels, corporate housing is located in residential areas. You will have internet, cable TV, access to a washer/dryer and towels and room linens, all included in your service fee. You may even be offered housekeeping at an additional cost. Most corporate housing even feature amenities like swimming pools, gymnasiums and saunas.

The perks of corporate housing

Beside being cheaper than a hotel stay, corporate housing is much homelier and comfortable than a hotel. It offers convenient living as everything you need is already provided in the home. It is even a good option for those people who are relocating and need a place to stay for a while, as they are available on a month to month basis.

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