Renovating the Office: Keeping the Equipment Clean

When an office needs to be renovated, there is a lot to think about. Most offices house delicate equipment that may be harmed with excessive dust and debris. Computers, copiers, and printers can become clogged with dust and overheat. This can lead to a lot of costly replacements. When construction is pending, it pays to prepare the office equipment prior to the beginning of construction.

Cover it Up

If the equipment must stay  in place, you need to make sure it is covered from all angles. Throwing cloth covers over the computers is not going to help. Dust has a way of working its way into everything. It can make it up under loose covers. There are many dust covers made to fit the different parts of computer equipment. These can help to extend the life of your technical equipment even when there is no renovation going on. Make sure wipe down the surrounding surfaces before these are removed. It may be a good idea to cover the office furniture, as well. Renovations can be bring noise, dust, and fumes. It is unlikely that you are expected to work in the office during this time. Relocation of the entire office may be necessary.

Seal it Off

When the construction crew arrives they usually seal off the area to be worked on. This involves putting plastic sheeting in the doorways and taping the boarders to make a seal. This can help to ease the influx of dust into the rooms where the computers are. It can also help to close off the air conditioning and heating vents to these rooms. The only opening that should remain to the construction area should in the middle or on the side of the plastic sheeting. Air filters should be replaced before the air vents to the computer areas are opened back up.


When the office is going through major renovations, you may need to move everything out. Some companies may choose a self-storage unit for some items for the duration of the construction. Take a look at your options for storage units Corpus Christi. You can choose a climate controlled unit to keep your office equipment from getting ruined in the heat. There may also be closets or a spare room at the office that can hold the items. Sometimes the entire office must be relocated to another unit or building. This could be a furnished office or the equipment can be relocated with the employees.

There are ways to keep the office computers safe during a messy renovation. Even with optimal efforts by the construction crew, you can expect to see some settling of dust throughout the building. This can be detrimental to the computers and other equipment. Take the time to cover the equipment, move it to another room, and close the vents. Storage units are used by some businesses during times of transition, as well. Choose the option that works best for your company.

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