Top 10 Tips on Buying a Guitar

Every guitar has its own mysterious specification and technical jargon that can only be determined when you have it in hands. Many people have found themselves at a crossroad of buying a guitar that doesn’t suit them. This can bring a lot of embarrassments and can eat out our happiness by a great deal. How can it be avoided? Maybe you are planning to buy your first guitar or thinking of replacing your current one and you don’t want to have a bad experience with your decision. Well, before you go ahead, check out these tips on buying a guitar. 

1. Research well in advance

Before walking into a guitar shop, it’s important to research on the guitar based on the type of music you play. Get to know the right type of guitar that will rhyme your interest. Getting the right guitar will spare you the number of guitars you have to buy before getting the one that suits your taste. This can only be achieved by doing a thorough research. Compare their prices to determine your budget. This will help you focus your attention on the types you are most likely to purchase. 

2. Check on the right size

This is mostly where things start to get complicated. Different types of guitars have different sizes. It’s vital to know which size is the best for you. The correct size is directly determined by the height, age and even the age of the player. Electric guitars are much smaller in size compared to Nylon string and Acoustic guitars. This makes them basically used by most people. You also need to consider the weight of the guitar. 

3. Do your shopping at off-peak hours

Music shops are normally busy in the evenings and on the weekends. If you schedule your time to visit the store during their slow hours, it is most likely that you will get a personalized attention and get assisted to purchase the right guitar. You will also have an opportunity to test on the different brands and determine the correct guitar to purchase. 

 4. Make a Multiple Visits

In order to have the right choice at the end of your buying processes, there is a need to give yourself a permission to make multiple visits to a music store. This will take off the pressure of buying your guitar at the very first visit, where chances of coming up with poor selections are very high. Multiple visits will also make your buying process enjoyable since you will have confidence and proper knowledge of the type you want.

 5. Bring a friend during your visits

After narrowing down your 2-3 possible guitars, bring a friend who has good experience with guitars. He/she can help to provide you a honest and experienced advice before you make your final selection. 

6. Ask to test some guitars

Most salesmen will let you try out some guitars before purchasing them. This will help you check if the strings are playing better. Take an advantage if given a chance. However, if denied, move on to another shop. Your main interest is to get something that fulfills your interest. 

7. Seek help from someone

According to finding someone with a vast experience in playing guitars is always a good idea. They will share their experience and perspectives on different types of guitars. Therefore, you may find interesting ideas that will help your buying process efficient and more enjoyable.

 8. Where to buy your guitars?

Where to buy your guitar is one of the most important factors to be considered, not only by beginners but also by experienced people. Most people will make a mistake of purchasing their guitar online due to the cheap price. Which is not a bad idea. However, the problem with buying online is that you won’t have someone to help you with your selection. This will limit your chances of testing the guitar and discussing your desires with an expert. This may land you a wrong guitar in your hands. It’s therefore advisable to consider getting your guitar from a local dealer where you will have an opportunity for proper selection and testing your machine before the final purchase. 

9. Avoid popular brand names at entry level

Most of these popular brand name guitars have good quality at their higher levels. However, they are not a great deal at their respective entry levels. This is because there will be a lot of price pressure by the manufacturer to make the price below the market level for everybody to accommodate. Therefore, chances of getting inferior components in the name of the popular brand names. Avoiding them can be a good option for you. 

10. Pay a little more

Find out what you get from the music store for an extra cash. This can be after-sale high level of customer service and the value of creating a good relationship with your retailer. Getting linked up with a qualified personnel from the shop to work on your guitar in case of any breakdown may also be a good reason for an extra cost.

These after-sale customer services may be worth than paying a little more price on your guitar.   Finally, enjoy the process of buying your guitar. I believe that this is the amazing experience that will help you have your dream guitar in your hands. Enjoy the adventure!

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