10 Tips For The First Time Dog Owners

If you are reading this article, then this is certain that you have got your first dog or puppy. People usually receive much confusing advice from their friends, regarding the caretaking job that one needs to perform. This article will help you cover all aspects of handling your new friend. So without any further delay, let’s start.

Build up the right and justified expectations:

Every relationship starts with an adjustment and understanding period. Buying a new dog is like adopting a kid. It will have its habits and characteristics that you will understand with time. Adult dog (especially the ones which had an owner previously) will take more time to adjust because it has developed certain habits. Puppies can get really active at most times of the day but you can also see them doze off easily. Just like human babies, puppies also need a lot of time to sleep, read on https://karmapets.org/blogs/news/how-to-make-sure-your-puppy-gets-enough-sleep to learn more.

On the contrast, a puppy has no specific habit & it will learn over a smaller period. But the major challenge for the puppy-owner is to train it. Set everything up in your home, and keep your mind clean and open.

Know your puppy:

The puppies are cute. But who said that the cuter things are easy to handle? The puppy owners face many difficulties at the initial stages. Proper caretaking includes socialization, training, and vaccination.

If you do not know about the things that we just mentioned, consult the articles written on this topic before the puppy arrives your home. Proper puppy vaccination guidelines are easily available for you to go through.

The basic needs:

Every person or living thing has some basic needs. A dog has some basic needs too. The most important needs that you cannot ignore are; proper nutrition to keep the dog healthy and full of energy, a dog house or some other proper place for shelter, physical activities such as walk and playing games and last but not the least, socialization. Dog apparel, dog clothes and accessories for keeping your canine warm in cold weather might also be something that you might also want to consider, depending on where you live and the activities you plan to undertake with your pup.

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A proper veterinary physician:

For those of you who do not know what a veterinarian is, he/she is a physician that helps you keep your dog in good shape. The veterinarian will not only discuss the health of your dog but will also guide you regarding the dogs and their world.

Having a good physician with a competent team working under him/her is what makes the difference. Open communication, without any confidentiality, is all that you need.

The dog supplies:

You will need many things to handle and entertain your dog. The more you invest, the better the response your dog gives. One can invest in buying and maintaining an adequate stock of dog supplies.

We understand! You do not know much about the dog supplies. To get over this weakness, either go to the pet section of shopping mart or visit here for a helpful guide.

The dog food:

Your friends and the dog freaks in your social circle might confuse you by throwing the names of different dog foods at you. We know that how that feels. Every dog owner experience such dilemma in their lives.

The key to perfect dog food is to learn the nutrients required by your dog and find the dog food with all relevant nutrients. One simple rule is to let your dog eat and try everything, including things like raw dog food. If everything goes well, then you are using the right dog food. Some of the healthiest dog foods are here to witness.

The Training:

Okay, so which thing measures the strength of a dog and owner relationship? Yes, love is the most prominent characteristic in this matter. But the training plays an equal role in development and strengthening of the relationship.

The training not only helps you with the controlling aspect of your relationship but also gives your dog a structural development. Training is part and parcel of dog ownership. In the end, the quality of your dog training shows the efforts that you put in your dog ownership. A well-trained dog shares a stronger bond with the owner as compared to the dog with lesser training skills. While training you also need to make sure they don’t run away from you. In that case, lost dog register can help find your missing pet.

For training, you do not need to overburden your dog by making him learn a thing in a single day. Dog training is all about patience and repetition. Do regular exercises and drills to let your dog understand what you want from him. Repetition helps to build memory in the brain of your dog to function in a specific situation. The most challenging part of a dog training is the handling of potty problems.

Handling its behavioral problems:

Do not expect your dog to be as well mannered as the dog that you saw in a Hollywood movie last night. The new dogs usually have some behavioral problems; given the circumstances, it spent its life. The dog that you just bought might have an excessive barking problem or a destructive chewing problem.

It might chew anything that lies in front of it, or bark at anything whether suspicious or not. Contrary to this, the dog might be anxious regarding the fact that it got separated from its pack or remain aggressive. The best technique to get over this problem is to be very patient and research the problem that your dog is facing. Handle the matter with due care, without scolding and hitting your pet.

Knowing the health issues:

Each living organism faces health problems during its lifetime. The dogs are no different in this matter. Dogs usually face some common diseases in their life. You will be lucky if your dog suffers the common illnesses and no other serious thing. In severe cases, your pet might suffer major health problems or even medical emergency. Help your dog live a healthy life by following the dog’s health guide.

Take the responsibility:

The most important thing upon which the above-mentioned actions depend is taking the responsibility. A responsible dog owner trains his dog into the pet that everyone gets jealous over. A mature owner understands his responsibilities regarding the dog training and the actions that his dog performs in from of others.

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