Tips for Taking a Better Selfie from your Smartphone

There is, absolutely, no need, nowadays, to carry a bulky camera along with you to capture your favorite moments. All you need is your smartphone and a power bank in case your battery drains out. Camera phones have changed photography altogether and the modern craze for selfie can be attributed to our smartphones equipped with state-of-the-art cameras.

However, you can make your selfies much better if you keep the following things in mind.

  • Explore your Smartphone’s camera settings

If you just rely on default settings of your Smartphone’s camera then you are missing out that great selfie which you can take by tweaking certain settings.

As an example, most smartphone cameras allow you to change the lighting as well as white balance. So, depending on where you are it is necessary to tweak both according to the environment.

  • Take Selfies with Back Camera

Of course, a selfie, when being taken from the back camera, won’t let you actually see your face but it is a fact that your Smartphone’s back camera is much better in term of specs as compared to the front camera.

Although some smartphone manufacturers, owing to the selfie craze, are launching phones with the much better front camera but still, the specs of the back camera can’t be beaten.

  • Clean your Smartphone’s Camera Lenses

The camera of your smartphone, when put in a pocket or kept in a bag, is destined and certain to catch some dust.  Hence, it is essential to keep your camera lenses clean to capture a better picture.

  • Selfie-Editor applications

Sometimes, tweaking certain settings and taking care of lighting and all isn’t enough to get a better snap. Hence, it is essential to have some selfie editor applications handy to retouch your selfies and make them even cooler and attractive before uploading them to social media.

  • Take the help of Burst Mode

Burst mode, as you all know, takes multiple pictures together. You can set the number of images that you want Burst Mode to take.

Burst Mode really comes in handy as you really can’t keep still while taking a selfie.  Since Burst Mode takes multiple images at once the possibility of getting a clear image capturing the perfect moment increases.

  • Natural lighting is much better than artificial lighting

When you are taking a selfie indoors the thing that lacks is natural lighting. Natural lighting gives a much better selfie. Hence, it is advised that if you are taking a selfie indoor you can move near the doors or windows to capture the perfect moment.

  • Use a selfie-stick

Selfie-sticks are great for taking a perfect selfie from a perfect angle. Apart from taking the camera a distance away from you and providing you much more area to cover in your selfie, the selfie-sticks also helps to stabilize your selfies and to prevent blurred snaps.


That’s it guys and gals! Next time when you are out taking a selfie, keep the above tips in mind to capture that perfect selfie which you are always looking for.

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