The Significance of the Best Flowers that You Could Send to Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Who would not love receiving gorgeous flowers? Flowers are known for their aesthetic value, sentiment, tradition, rich history, and the significance or meaning behind them. Now that Mother’s Day is almost knocking at your door, you must be again concerned about choosing the best flowers for the most special lady in your life.

Your mother is your best friend, guide, and philosopher so you must shower her with boundless love and superlative gifts that would surely light up her face. This is your opportunity to show your mom how much you love her and care for her. Buy her an exquisite bouquet of flowers and make her day. She would really feel special if you choose the flowers with a lot of care and buy her the best flowers with the right meanings that would surely lift her spirits.

It is best to avoid the prearranged bouquet or the usual planter pot from the florist. Instead, it is best to consider customizing a bouquet for your mom. Choose each flower with a lot of care so that each one of them conveys a special message to your mom. Customizing your mom’s gift could be the perfect way of expressing your undying love, respect, admiration, and gratitude for your mom. Tell her that she is the most special person in your life by getting a personalized bouquet comprising the best Mother’s Day flowers.


Carnations are known to have a lot of historical value and they also have a special significance of their own. Anna Jarvis had campaigned hard for making Mother’s Day a National Holiday in the annual calendar of North America. During her dedicated endeavors, Anna had sent exactly 500 white carnations for all the mothers present at her local church and this way, a brand new tradition was born. From then onwards carnations are known to signify love, purity, beauty, faith, and charity as these were virtues of all mothers universally.

Gerbera Daisies

These flowers spread laughter and cheer thanks to their vibrant colors and warm and welcoming appearance. If your mother is loved by everyone for having a cheerful personality, radiating warmth and happiness, you must choose a bouquet containing beautiful gerbera daisies. They are well-known for resembling sunflowers because of their stunning flowering heads. They signify purity, innocence, and beauty.


If your mother seems to be a warm, friendly, easy-going, and a light-hearted individual, a stunning bouquet of tulips would surely be the best gift for her on Mother’s Day. Tulips are attractive spring flowers with a fresh and happy look. Tulips represent coziness, comfort, and of course, happiness.


If your mother is a woman who loves to follow cultural traditions, the Mother’s Day bouquet must necessarily comprise of Azaleas. These flowers are famous for being a popular Chinese symbol representing womanhood. These flowers are also associated with love and beauty.

Bluebell Flowers

If your mom is highly popular in her social circuit because of her soothing and calm personality traits, you must consider gifting her Bluebell flowers on her most special occasion in the year. These flowers would bloom heartily in April and May every year just during the time of Mother’s Day celebrations every year.


If your mom loves plants over bouquets, you may choose to gift a Camellia plant to your favorite person. In this context, you must know that this plant is actually native to Japan, China, and also, South-East Asia. Camellias are found in a host of vibrant colors and they release a soft and delicate fragrance. Camellias are known to signify gratitude and longevity. These are certainly some of the best flowers that could be gifted to your mom on Mother’s Day.


Choose beautiful flowers that convey your true feelings to your mom. If you are still confused, it is best to stick to roses. Moreover, if your mom is quite a traditional lady, she would love to receive a wonderful bouquet of roses. Red roses mean deep love and generally, they are associated with passion and romantic love. You could, instead, gift your mom dark pink roses or mild red roses symbolizing a caring attitude. Alternatively, a bouquet of white roses symbolizes brightness and purity. If you are not the adventurous-kind at heart or if you refuse to experiment, you may stick to a traditional bouquet of red roses or carnations, as a token of your love and deep affection for your mom.

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