Six Things Not To Forget On Your Overnight Camping Trip

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We all dream about those big, epic adventures where we go away camping for weeks at a time! It’s the stuff dreams are made of – leaving everyday life behind and just heading bush to your favourite campsite. However, most of us are lucky if we can fit in one extended camping adventure every year, but that doesn’t mean for a second that you have to miss out on going camping. If we only ever went camping on those big trips, we’d hardly ever get away!

A quick overnight camping trip is just as good as a long extended trip for reducing the stress levels and letting you relax. However, just because it’s a quick trip doesn’t mean you should forget all the essential camping gear, because it’s just as important to camp comfortably on the big trips as it is on the quick overnights. 4WD Supacentre is Australia’s best value camping store! We beat all the other camping stores on value for money, because our camping gear has the perfect combination of incredible quality and unbeatable prices. We’ve put together this guide to six bits of camping gear you should definitely make sure are in your 4×4 before you head off camping next time. This camping gear is guaranteed to make your next campsite that much better.


No good campsite is complete without a way to light it up at night! LED camping lights are great for any campsite because they’re so bright, so easy to setup and they use bugger all power, which means you can run them all night long. An Adventure Kings 1.3m LED strip light or 4m strip light, or even one of our four or five bar LED lighting kits is an easy, instant way to light up your campsite without spending the earth.


There’s nothing like cooking in a camp oven for that real, authentic camping experience! Here at 4WD Supacentre we sell two different spun-steel camp ovens, including the authentic Bedourite camp oven. Keep yours in the back of your 4WD and anywhere you can have a campfire, or use a gas barbie, you’ll be able to cook incredible roasts and all sorts of tucker.


There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable camp chair! We’ve gone to extreme lengths here at 4WD Supacentre to make our camp chairs as comfortable as possible as well as making them extremely good value. The full range of Adventure Kings camping chairs are well-built, extremely comfortable and come with clever additions like cup-holders, in-built pockets and even side-tables. Forget your cheap hardware store $10 camp chairs, our camp chairs aren’t much more expensive but are 100 times better in every way!


If you’re running any sort of electrical camping gear like a portable fridge or LED camp lights, then you’re going to want a way to keep your deep cycle battery charged while you’re at camp. You could sit there with your engine running all day, but a much better way is with a set of mono crystalline high efficiency 12v camping solar panels. Whenever the sun is shining – and even on cloudy days when the sun’s tucked behind the clouds – your solar panels will do a brilliant job of keeping your deep-cycle battery topped up.


Thousands of campers around the country are turning onto the fact that a portable gazebo is a brilliant way to add instant, huge amounts of shelter to any campsite. The Adventure Kings 3x3m camping gazebo and the Adventure Kings 6x3m portable gazebo are brilliant value for money, and are so quick to setup that one person can set one up, or pack it away, in minutes. What’s even better is that you can leave your campsite setup and go for a drive without having to pack everything away.


There’s nothing like staying up out of the dirt to make your campsite more comfortable, and the Adventure Kings range of mesh floors do exactly that! Available in a variety of sizes, these heavy-duty camping sand matts pack up to almost nothing but fold out to huge sizes in seconds whilst allowing dirt and sand to fall through without being able to work its way back up. Keep your campsite clean with this genuine value bit of gear!

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