Motivate Your Workers Through Office Decor

The environment we work in can have a huge impact on the quality of our work. If your office environment is not inspirational or helpful in terms of getting things done, you’ll have a harder time being productive. On the other hand, a well-designed space that makes working fun and easy will drive up productivity and influence the quality of the work.


So, how can you motivate your workers with the office design? Here are some ideas to try at your business and to boost your workers’ motivation.


Create a mixture of open plan and enclosed spaces


It’s a good idea to avoid going full-on with either the open plan office or the boxed cubicle design. The reason is that workers are different – while many enjoy the open plan space, some feel distracted by it. Therefore, you want to find balance and have a bit of both.


It’s important to have enough co-working spaces. You want corners with comfortable chairs and tables to work with the team. You also want to have workstations that are not surrounded by walls but which allow people to just lean over to their co-worker and talk about things.


But you also want to provide quiet spaces for people to concentrate only on their work. Those private spaces allow people to either be alone or talk privately with just a few people.


Allow natural light to flow across the office


It’s super important to allow natural light to flow across the office space. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light during the day will help workers to sleep better, have better concentration and improve their physical health. Therefore, you’ll end up with happier workers.


Don’t cover windows but find solutions that allow the natural light to flow inside without making it difficult to use computers. Position monitors away from direct light and have blinds that are easy to use to make it easy to control the flow of light.


It can also be worth it to invest in lamps and bulbs that mimic natural light. These types of decorative lamps can be an especially good addition to the break room. It’s also a good idea to have lighting that adjusts to the amount of natural light –this reduces the strain on the eyes and helps the workers to feel more invigorated.


Focus on ergonomic furniture


You want to ensure your office environment doesn’t cause strain on the workers’ bodies. If they have to sit all day, they are doing harm to their body and this, in turn, can impact their productivity and motivation. You definitely want to encourage things like good posture and this can be done with the help of furniture.


Ergonomic chairs are a must-have. But remember that workers are different and you want to give them an opportunity to influence the kind of chair they use, for example. Since you also want to discourage the employees from sitting too long, standing desks are a good idea. This will ensure your workers get up every once in a while – they will be healthier and therefore, more productive.


Add inspirational elements to your décor


You should also focus on adding simple, inspirational elements to your office. This means considering wall art that has a meaningful and motivational message. It could be big posters with quotes and the business vision printed on them or wall stickers with a customised message.


You should also create inspiring areas for taking a break. Create a mini library of business books in the break room and allow workers to loan the books and to bring their own for others to read.


Create calming environments


The office environment can get quite hectic with all the work. It’s important to pay attention to calming elements with your furniture. This means adding a few armchairs or sofas for relaxation, using plants to create a sense of nature and having a space without any additional noise. Even the inclusion of good noise-cancelling headphones to desks can be a good option. The key is to avoid having the space filled with electronics and office furniture, as this can reduce motivation and energy. Instead, add relaxation to your space – an opportunity for the worker to escape the hustle and bustle for few minutes.


When it comes to decorating your office, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You just have to focus on the right things and plan your decorative project well. You can also opt for deals online – Zanui coupon codes are available for lots of great office elements like posters, cushions and ergonomic chairs.


So, think about the elements you add to your office and make it more inviting and inspirational. You’ll soon notice your office is filled with motivated workers and the productivity will go up!


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