What Every Motorbike Owner and Rider Should Bear In Mind


If you are new to motorbikes and riding motorbikes in general, then the first thing you should know is that there are key things you need to bear in mind, like any seasoned motorbike rider. This includes buying your first motorbike, which in itself is a process that requires a lot of assessment and careful decision-making. Motorbikes are risky enough as a mode of transportation comparatively, without this worsening thanks to stubborn motorists who think they can defy death. So even if not for yourself, think of others on the road, and always ride responsibly. With that, let us take a look here.

Your Bike Type

Different riders are skilled at different styles of riding, sometimes more than one. This in turn determines the type of bike you will be riding. Unlike cars, motorbikes are designed and built quite specifically, with certain features stronger than others. Hence, it is very important that you are absolutely sure about the type of bike you will be buying for yourself. So aside from the brand, model and price, you also need to scout out a responsible and reliable dealer who can fix it when needed.

Buy a Used Bike as Your First

This may not sit well with some people, but hear us out. If you are a first-time bike rider, then it is in your best interests to buy a bike that has been used before. That is not to say you have to pick it up from the scrapyard, but if you come across a used triumph for instance, take a look at it and determine whether it fits your needs. The second-hand market for bikes is quite big, so you will definitely be flooded with options. The key is to filter through them, and know what you are looking for before you commit to anything.


Mind you, this is not something you can skimp out on. Some assume they can forego insurance completely, and instead use that money on the cost of the bike. Big mistake. Bikes, as mentioned above, or motorbikes rather, can be incredibly dangerous if they are not handles correctly, and that includes riding poorly. You never know what could happen out there, and how bad it can be. You should definitely take out insurance that will keep you safe best as possible. Depending on the type of riding you plan to do on the bike though, this can vary, costing more for racing and the like.

Get That Gear

Not everyone bothers themselves with this, but as you will find out sooner or later, riding becomes a lot easier when you have the right gear on. Just to clarify, helmets are not negotiable or an option; they are mandatory. Aside from this, gloves, boots, jackets and goggles are all available, and are so useful for adventure riding, across terrains and so on. You need not invest in all of these if you are not going to use them all. Just opt for those you will, and go for reliable brands that produce hardy and durable products.

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