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Bitcoin has been going on bull runs, since its inception. But lately it surged to a new record of $17000 in the first week of December, 2017, thus making headlines everywhere. This new gold is in the limelight, these days.

While for most of the investors, cryptocurrency trading has become real investment, for others it is just a speculator’s game. And do you know the reason why? Growing concerns about Bitcoin price, pricing structure, trading fees and other stuff! Well, if you are also apprehensive about buying and selling Bitcoins at best price, then just opt for Bitbns.


The Newly Launched Crypto Platform

Bitbns is a newly launched cryptocurrency platform that promises ecstatic trading experience to merchants and consumers. The very efficient and user friendly trading platform allows consumers to invest their money in various digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The recently founded company is a part of Buyhatke, which is one of the leading price comparison websites.

Bitbns started with a bang on flash sale that was a colossal hit and now this cryptocurrency exchange in India has become a prominent brand in the mainstream. The company received a huge transaction volume of more than a crore which exceeded enormously in a span of few days.

Bitbns is a trustworthy option, one size that can fit all requirements. If you are also willing to invest some money in Bitcoins and have been looking for just the right platform to trade, then Bitbns is the one-stop solution.


Bitbns Exchange Features

  • Bitbns is a crypto exchange that allows automated buying and selling of your digital currency. You can specify the price of Bitcoin to buy or sell and whenever a seller or buyer is ready to trade at that price, the trade will happen.
  • To start trading, you need to create a Bitcoin wallet by signing up, which requires KYC verification. This verification can be completed using Aadhaar card and only after that you can deposit/ withdraw cash into your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Bitbns users are not charged for creating account or holding the digital currency in it.
  • Users can deposit money in their Bitcoin wallet and can withdraw it anytime into their bank account. It is an instantaneous process.
  • All the users go through PAN card, Aadhaar card and KYC verification during sign up. So, you can rely on this trustworthy and verified network.
  • Bitbns uses advanced encryption technology used for providing high grade security of the transactions.


Mega Flash Sale on XLM by Bitbns

Bitbns’s first flash sale with “50% off on XLM” offer was a big hit with enormous funds invested by customers. The highlight of the sale was “Doubling the Stellar (XLM)” which gathered a lot of attention.

The company has also released their Bitcoin wallet app recently for Android users. According to the sources company will also release iOS app soon.

This is a single platform that allows you to buy Bitcoins at best prices, secure your transactions, instantaneous withdrawals and lucrative flash sales so that you can make the best out of your investment.

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