Why to Use Parallel Desktop On Mac For Using Windows App? A Review

The two biggest operating systems in term of users and popularity are obviously the Windows by Microsoft and Mac by Apple. Both the operating systems have millions of users around the world andit is definitely tough to say which Operating System is best. Both the operating systems have their own interface and various apps that specifically runs on the particular OS and doesn’t run on both. So if you have recently switched from Windows to a Mac either intentionally or because of work reasons then it is quite obvious that you would want to run some of your old Windows apps. But the Apple centric world doesn’t have exact match for them. Even if you have OS X versions of some of your favorite programs they will work differently than they used to be on their Windows counterparts.

So how to cope up with this problem as people who want to run the Windows app on Mac find it difficult to complete their task. Well the virtualization utility like Parallel Desktop is the best solution for running Windows app on the Mac desktop like if they are running on a Windows machine. Parallel Desktop is the best virtualization software for Mac that offers the best integration between Windows apps and OS X systems.

How Does Parallels Desktop Works?

Parallel desktop is designed and developed to help you run Windows app on Mac. Parallel desktop does this by allowing the user to install Windows on a virtual machine i.e. a computer emulated in software. So what happens is that your virtual computer is provided a portion of the RAM, disk space and processor of your real computer. So you become able to use various Windows app on your Mac without any hassle. The only thing that you will feel is slight slowness and less resources availabilityin your real computer because some part of it is assigned to the Windows. Beside the OS X the Parallel Desktop supports other operating systems like Linux and Android.

Is Parallels Desktop Safe?

After the compatibility issue the other major concern is whether using Parallel Desktop is safe to use and is there any possibility of data breach. Well if you are concerned with the safety then you can sit back and relax as Parallel Desktop doesn’t contain any virus or malicious processes. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t upgrade your security as when you install Windows on Parallel Desktopyour Mac becomes vulnerable to Windows viruses (on the virtual machine and the files it can access). You can eliminate this possibility by installing security software of your preference.

Why You Need Parallel Desktop?

  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • Seamless Integration
  • Multi-Device Compatibility
  • Numerous Development Tools
  • Business Cloud Services
  • Administration and Management

Is Parallels Desktop Free?

Parallel Desktop is not free but it does offer a full featured 14 day trial. It has three versions of the app that you can consider as per your requirement. Parallel desktop for Mac designed for students is priced at $79.99 while its Mac Pro Edition that is designed for developers and power users is priced at $99.99. There is also the business edition that is designed for IT departments is priced at $99.99.

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