Important Reasons to Choose a New Domain Extension for Your Company or Business

If you are a business or a company owner, the domain name you choose for your business plays a significant role.  To begin with, it can enhance your online business presence. Moreover, it can increase the credibility of your business; make your business to be remembered thus attracting new customers. These are good and important reasons why you should put more effort and time to buy a clear and new domain extension that is relevant to your business.

Today, businesses are still stuck in purchasing short extensions that have incorrect spellings simply because it features .com extension. It is good to know that, you can purchase a new domain extension which is also referred to as generic Top Level Domain (gTLDs) that does not feature .com.  in fact in the past few years, more and more companies have purchased new domain extensions and the trend goes on until today. However chances are that this trend will go up soon, therefore it is good to go for it before others. You may also be interested to read about zone files.

This post has highlighted 6 reasons to choose a new domain extension for your business or brand.

Your business could have the most fascinating, eye-catching name, however, when you decide to find a domain name that has .com extension, you are shocked to realize that it is take already. You don’t have to worry because there are a lot of domain extensions that are not yet taken which you can use which can perfectly suit your particular business or industry like .health, .tech, .press. However, there are general domain extensions such as .info, .online or .site and many others.

When in the initial stages of operating your business, you must ensure your day to day business activities are conducted in an affordable and a practical manner.When it comes to choosing a domain name for your startup, it is good also to ensure the price is reasonable.If you go for domain name extension like .com, chances are that you will pay a huge amount of money. However, you can avoid this by choosing a new domain extension which could even cost you half of the amount charged for .com extension. Don’t you see thisas a cost-saving approach?

Google allows that
Are you concerned that Google will penalize you for that? You might be worrying about SEO which is a major consideration for every online business. You should not worry about that since Google itself uses many registered domain names like .how and has made it clear to businesses and users that it is allowed to choose a new domain extension and it will be regarded same as the .com or .org. for your information, you can move your existing extension to a new domain extension without affecting on history or search rankings.

People who operate specific types of businesses can benefit a lot when it comes to choosing a specific domain extension. For example, if you are a photographer, it makes sense if you opt for the extension .photography. Remember this is a clear description of what you do and a web address that has a descriptive domain name as a well as an extension will make people who visit your site to know what they can expect to get when they visit your site.Today hundreds of businesses that are in the tech industry are choosing the highly popular .tech extension which is a way of ensuring business success.

Be ahead of others
Every business owner is thinking of ways to get ahead before others. It is good to know that even though the new domain extensions are still in their initial ages, chances are that as days move, the demand will go up. Therefore grabbing the opportunity and registering your domain name with a name relevant to your company will keep you ahead of others. This will also eliminate chances of other businesses from taking a domain name that is relevant to your business.

Improve local business identity
Do you want to get identified as a local business? Choose a new domain name!

This is the quick way to enhance local business identity. If your business is based in New York, choosing a .nyc extension straightaway makes people know where your business is located. This is a sure way especially if you operate a local business and you want to be found easily by local customers. This also can apply if you want to spread your business to new locations.

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