Increasing your testosterone levels with supplements: Does it really work?

Testosterone is the most vital hormone that science associated with muscle mass, strength gains, and sex drive. There are several supplements on the market that promise to boost the level of this particular hormone in your body mostly known as the t-booster pills. At one side, you can find internet with sites like iTestosterone that provide you information regarding supplements, testosterone, and what you need to know about the hormone while on the other hand, we see people that are confused about these pills. So, here is a brief walkthrough for you.

How do the testosterone boosters work?
There are a lot of people that are willing to increase the level of testosterone in their body. These individuals may have the desire to improve their sexual health, gain more muscle mass, or to make up for their extremely tough and physically demanding routine. Now, there is a lot of variation that you can get in this kind of supplements, but all of them work to increase the level of hormone in your body. These t-boosters can either directly influence the particular hormone in question or they inhibit hormones that perform the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. No matter what kind of pills you opt for, the result will be that they create such environment in your body that helps you in recovering faster and building muscles that are bigger and stronger.

What is present in testosterone boosters?
When you pick up at-booster, you may find a long list of ingredients. A lot of you may be health conscious and want to pick the ones that come with best elements and do not want to spend money on testing out different products. For such people, the following are three ingredients that may work really well.

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA)
The D-AA is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the testicular Leydig cells. It is responsible for sending the message to your brain from your Leydig cells and asking it to convert the stored cholesterol to testosterone. If you take a look at such supplements from the perspective of study, the D-AA boost T levels by enhancing the communication between your brain and testes.

As per the study from scientists in Italy, people who took around 3 grams of supplement that include D-AA for 12 days have a 42% increase in their testosterone levels. If you argue it with the placebo pill, the people who actually took the supplement still had a significant difference of 22 percent.

However, with a recent finding, the males that were resistance trained were given the same dose for 28 days, but they did not have and boost in the T levels.

So, why is there a huge difference? Well, we know that the exercise, resistance training, and HIIT in particular, naturally increase the level of this hormone in the body. Therefore, the training status of these individuals led to such results. However, more study is still required before you can finally say something. Nevertheless, the D-AA improves communication which is necessary particularly when you are aging.

The fenugreek was initially an element that was utilized by Indians in preparation for curry powders, pastes, etc. However, with passing the time and studies being conducted on various nutrients, this came under examination at University of Mary Hardin Baylor in Belton Texas. The study gave a placebo and actual supplement to a group of individuals. Both saw an increase in strength and muscle (which is directly relevant to testosterone levels). However, only the people with actual supplement saw again in power after eight weeks of use. Moreover, it also aided people in enhancing the lean body mass which was not achieved with placebo.

ZMA is a combination of Zinc, Monomethionine aspartates, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B-6. It is among the nutrients that are found vitally in the T-boosters. Particularly the players that have a deficiency of zinc and magnesium take help from this supplement. They provide the essential minerals that are important for both the athletic performance and overall health of a person.

So, these are the three main ingredients you should look up for in the supplements. For more information, you can check out iTestosterone as they have detailed guides about these pills. Do not forget to ask your doctor before using them.

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