6 Awesome Ways To Make Your Long Distance Best Friend’s Birthday Super Special

We live in a world where many of our close ones live really far away and sometimes in different countries also. If your best friend is living in a different city or country, then you probably know how it feels when you are simply unable to celebrate the birthday of your best friend due to the very long distance between two. Well, we have a good news for you as now you can actually make some amazing plans for your best friend’s birthday and bring a big smile on their face. Now you might be wondering how.Well, here are some ideas for you to make your best friend feel really special and happy on the birthday.

Long distance birthday ideas to make your best friend smile:

  1. Schedule A Special Movie Time:

Well, it’s true that you can’t be together in person on the special day but still, you can watch a movie together online.Wondering how? Well, you can actually do it via an app called Rabbit and people use this app to share your online experiences.

Don’t forget to include the bucket of popcorn in this birthday party and also celebrate it with a cake.

  1. Send A Complete Birthday Party In A Box:

You can find a lot of online stores offering birthday gift combos for your best friend. Usually, these popular birthday gift combos include birthday cake, chocolates, flowers, birthday card and other goodies.

  1. Send A Very Delicious Cake:

The cake is the most important thing when it comes to celebrating a birthday. Either you can do it by yourself or else you can simply opt for online cake order in Gurgaon or any other city to buy a very delicious  cake for your best friend and fortunately, most of the online stores offer free of cost doorstep delivery service at the given address. No matter in which place your bestie stays, they will simply receive the cake at their home.

  1. Send A Personalized Video:

Sending a personalized video message is definitely a heart touching gesture. Record video of yourself singing happy birthday to your best friend. You can send the video either privately or share it via Facebook or YouTube.

  1. Make A Long Phone Call:

A real old school phone call means much more than an email or a Facebook message. Well, this may not be a very creative idea but it will definitely touch the heart of your loved one.

  1. Send A Gift Card:

Nowadays, most of the popular online stores offer the gift card. Choose an online store that your bestie uses very frequently and send a gift card to that particular online store.

Now you might have got some cool ideas to make your best friend’s birthday party a grand one regardless of the massive distance between two of you.

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