Why You Need A Specialized Hospital If Your Pregnancy Is Not Normal?

You may be having a pregnancy that is high risk if you or your baby has a high chance of developing health problems. It may sound scary when the doctor puts you in the high risk category but in most cases, the only reason why you have been put into this category is that the doctor feels that you may need specialized attention. In case you have a chance of high risk pregnancy, the doctor will monitor you closely for problems and detect them early to prevent any complications.

Conditions for high risk pregnancy

The following conditions can put the mother or the baby in the high risk category. This could lead to slow baby growth, preeclampsia, preterm labour or a problem with the placenta. It is important to know that being high risk may not necessarily lead to a complication for the baby or the mother.

The pregnancy can be high risk if the mother has any of the following problems:

• Cancer

• Diabetes

• Kidney disease

• High blood pressure

• Epilepsy

The mother can also be under special medical care if:

• She smokes, has alcohol or drugs

• She is less than 17 years and above 35 years

• She is expecting multiples

• She had more than three miscarriages

• The baby has a kidney, heart, lung problem or a condition of down syndrome

• She has HIV, chicken pox or other infections

• She is under medication such as phenytoin, lithium or valproic acid

• She had a complication in the last pregnancy like seizure or preterm labor

There could be other health issues too that could make the pregnancy high risk. It is thus important that you let your doctor know of your medical condition in advance.

High risk pregnancy hospital

If you have a case of high risk pregnancy, then it is important that you choose your maternity hospital with care. You will need specialized care and would have to visit the doctor more often. You will also have to undergo more ultrasound and blood pressure tests. Your urine will be checked to look for symptoms of any infection. You will be tested for any genetic problems if you are over 35 years or if you had any genetic issue in your previous pregnancy. The doctor may also suggest you to have your baby early in case if the baby’s or your health is at a risk. The maternity hospital that you choose should have doctors who have extra training to treat the high risk pregnancies. There are hospitals that have maternal –fetal specialist who come with specialized training.

How to take care to have a healthy pregnancy

It is important that you take good care of yourself and have a healthy diet to have a healthy pregnancy. The following could be done to take care of yourself and your baby.

• Ensure that you do not miss out on your regular check ups

• Make sure that you have a healthy diet with milk and milk products, vegetables, protein and vegetables.

• Take all the medications like iron, folic acid and vitamin tablets as prescribed by the doctor

• Quit smoking and avoid alcohol

• Your doctor may also advise you to keep track of your baby’s movements each day.

In case you find any symptoms that seem to be out of the normal it is best that you consult your doctor immediately

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