Best Foods To Try in Mexico City

Just after college my very good friend Greg Lindae and I embarked upon a tour of the Americas and headed down from Canada all the way to Ushuaia. There were so many highlights on the trip but my favorite place that I visited was Mexico, and in particular Mexico City. In fact, I loved the place so much that after returning home, I decided that I would move down here for a while to experience a little more of the city, that was 10 years ago and I am still here.

There is so much to love about this country and this city and one of the best things for me is the local cuisine. I love Mexican food and it is very different here than what you will find in Taco Bell or your local grocery store. If you are heading down here, these are the top meals that you should try.


Tacos are absolutely everywhere here and you won’t have to walk too far down the street before you see a red and white wining with someone selling tacos underneath it. There is a huge range of tacos which you need to try which features a range of different cuts of meat, be careful though as the Mexicans use every part of the animal. One taco which you must try is Tacos al Pastor which is pork that has been flavored and cooked on a spit.


Great for breakfast and perfect for a hangover, chilaquiles are made with a mildly spicy red or green sauce with some plain tortilla chips thrown in. You can buy chilaquiles with chicken in them or beef and an optional egg on top. Usually this dish is dressed with cream and grated cheese and it is absolutely delicious.


Sold from bicycle sellers in the mornings and evenings, tamales are maize which have been cooked in meat stock and a section of ingredients such as chicken thrown into the mix. The tamales are sausage-like in shape and they come wrapped up in a banana leaf.

Chile en Nogada

This is seasonal dish and if you are lucky enough to be in the city between July and October, you can enjoy the very best meal in Mexico. This dish is made with a large green finger chill that has been stuffed with marinated beef and spices. The paper is then covered in sour cream with pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top.


Flautas are like tacos which have been deep fried to give them a crispy edge. Usually the flats are filled with chicken and then they are placed together and covered in sour cream. This is a really tasty snack and perfect if you are on the go. This dish doesn’t really change very much depending on where you go and you will find them for sale throughout the city.

So there you have it, the Mexican foods which you absolutely must try when you go to Mexico City.

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